• When: 2018-01-04
  • QIC: Swayze
  • The PAX: Hollywood, Happy Trees, Pull Out, Belding, Shank, Wino, Stay Puff, Nub, Caboose, Swayze

Just Beat It!!!!!!

Conditions: Beautiful morning with the Temperature of 23 degrees.

Disclaimer and Prayer

Mosi to the block pile and did our warm up exercises which consisted of:

25 SSH10, 10 LBAC, 10 overhead clap, 10 LBAC reverse.

We then attempted to do push ups to every time in the song when they said “Beat It” but the speaker had other plans. About half way through the song the speaker died and the workout started. Everyone grabbed a partner and while one person carried the two cinder blocks the other person did 15 push ups then sprinted to relieve them until we were all the way around the track. Once we got back to the starting point we had to do one of my favorites ideas and modify the workout. We then gathered in a circle and did push ups to the song Thunder every time thunder was played. After that we went around the track with the blocks again but this time we did squats instead of push ups. We then did lunges to the song “Suck it Up” then went around the track with one person carrying a block over their head or shoulder while the other person did 15 sit ups then sprinted to your partner. After the completion of the track we did one more song. It was “Beat it” again but this time we just did chest presses with the blocks every time we heard “Beat it”. We then took the blocks back to the pile and with our partners did patty cake push ups 5x and then mosied 20 yards and did patty cake sit ups 5x with some songs by HT and Wino. We done this until time was up and then mosied back to the flag.

Count then Name O Rama followed by the following:


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Saluda Launch this Saturday at Saluda Middle School

Prayer Requests followed by Circling up and prayer.

Great workout by everyone especially with the blocks all the way around the truck. Your forearms will feel it tomorrow and I don’t anyone once mentioned they were cold so I would consider it a positive workout.