• When: 2018-06-14
  • QIC: Nub
  • The PAX: Flipper, Belding, Fish Wrapper, Hardibacker, Big Al, Training Wheels (R), Recall, Mash, Voltron, Long Haul, Bailout, Wino, Notebook, Penny Tax, Forrest, Nub

Just a little #mantouching at The Arena

Conditions: 74°

1 min warning, Disclaimer, Prayer

YHC has been saying for a while now he wanted to get out and see some other AO’s so this was the summers first stop of hopefully many chances to see some new sights in the region.  Glad some others decided to make the trip over to to get a little work done all the while getting up close and personal with your Pax partner this morning.  YHC had this WO in mind since Smokehouse had so much fun with it but I was getting a little antsy until the 16th pax rolled in, even numbers was kinda important as I have no experience with threesomes.  And away we go…

Mosey to bricks and grab a couple (stars we aligned as we had just enough)  Mosey a little more and circle up

SSH x 10 IC

Smurfjacks x 10 IC

TTT x 10 IC

Mosey to the basketball court and circle up again

LBAC forwards x 10 IC

LBAC backerds x 10 IC

Dirty Birds x 10 IC

OH claps x 10 IC

Find a partner and mosey to cones set up at back of school

Assume the wheelbarrow position with your partner, P1 15 decline merkins and then wheelbarrow walk to next cone 15 decline merkins, next cone same drill.  Once at the end P1 will carry P2 back to start and flapjack.

Next, P1 will low plank and P2 will complete 5 merkins, one hand on ground one hand on P2’s shoulder.  Move to middle, 5 merkins on partners shoulders then 5 merkins on opposite shoulder.  Flapjack.  Complete 2 rounds of partner merkins.

Line up and interlace arms at shoulders for a line of group lunges from starting cone to ending cone and then backerds lunges back to start.  with 16 Pax this was surprisingly coordinated. Tclaps men.

Stay in that line but turn and drop to ground in the down merkin position, bend at the knees while down so your rear partner gets good and close.  Feet on the back of pax behind you and complete Power merkins OMC until exhaustion, we made it through a few but this is pretty tough, but hearing the mublechatter was the real plus to this exercise (No TnG, the official name is Power merkins not head to butt merkins).

Bricks up and mosey to top lightpole.  Enough funky stuff but definitely great work doing it.  Now we’ll stay with our partners for B.O.M.B.S as time permits.  Didn’t quite make it through but exercise was called and mosey to Shovel Flag for Mary–Boat Canoe’s, Flutter Kicks, Merkins (because apparently the pax wanted more) and finally Heel Taps.

Time called, nice work men

Count/Name o rama

Announcements:  F3\Fia 2.0 workout at The Hollow on Saturday at 7:30am, Smokehouse 2yr Anniversary June 21st, Workout at Homeless Veterans Shelter on June 30 after Shawshank boot camp, Runvergence for the remembrance of Cheech on the anniversary of his passing is on June 20th at Stride, Carolina Reaper July 14th, Mission Cookout @ Pine Island August 3rd, Sweet Baby O 5K on August 4th, Stomp the Swamp 5K on August 25th, and the BRR on the weekend of September 8th.

Prayer requests: Recall’s co-worker involved in bad wreck, Langfitt family from Gilbert, Smokehouse surgeries (Wilson, Shankapotomus, Matlock’s 2.0)


Tclaps men and thanks for getting a little funky this morning, comfort zones are made to break out of and #mantouching will do it everytime.

Devo: was reminding us to Cherish our partners in our homes and certainly our partnership with the Lord.