• When: 2019-09-24
  • QIC: Bar Crawl
  • The PAX: Caravan, Blue Rhino, Bondo, Danica, Prom Date, Boo Boo, FNG Andy, Rumble Strip, Buble, Giggity, Adluh, Ball Boy, Bar Crawl, Pennyworth, Cream Cheese

Iron PAX Challenge is over!

YHC’s travel schedule has been crazy the past few weeks, so it felt great to be back out in the gloom with the Detainees! As always, the PAX showed up in full force to tackle the Iron PAX Challenge, and for the 2nd week in a row, an FNG was in attendance for the show! YHC started a Michael Jackson playlist last night, but stumbled upon a cover of Billie Jean that resulted in a rabbit hole of pop songs played by punk bands. Knowing that would get the PAX grumbling (especially War Daddy Rumble Strip), a new playlist was born and it delivered the mumblechatter!

Here’s how the morning went down:

67 and clear

YHC, Cream Cheese, Rumble Strip, Danica, Pennyworth, and Boo Boo tackled Big Timber for about 3 miles. #TClaps to Boo Boo and Pennyworth for knocking out 5+ miles

Welcome FNG Andy!

Mosey to block pile
10 SSHs
10 Windmills


Iron Pax Week 4 – 3 Rounds

100 cumulative Merkins and/or Squats
100 yard out & back coupon carry (200 total yards)

100 cumulative Coupon Swings and/or Bonnie Blairs (AKA in place lunges)
1 leg = 1 rep
100 yard out & back coupon carry (200 total yards)

100 cumulative Coupon Thrusters and/or Traveling Lunges (without block)
1 leg = 1 rep
100 yard out & back coupon carry (200 total yards)


Welcome FNG Andy Garner! 43 years old, works at Children’s Hospital in Sedation area. Lives in neighborhood with Rumble Strip and Blue Rhino, 12yo daughter on archery team.
Quiver -> Robin Hood -> Focker -> Patch Adams -> Scrubs -> Chloroform -> Ether -> Roofie -> Broadhead (type of arrowhead). Welcome Broadhead!


  • P200 coming up – if you are running and haven’t paid Boo Boo, pay him before he sics his goons on you. If you want to run, there are 3 spots left, so let him know
  • Registration for the 2020 Dam to Dam Relay is open! Register here


  • Blue Rhino’s Stepmom
  • Last back stick for Brayden (Stitches) was Thursday! Praise!
  • Caravan’s Father-in-Law
  • Teacher at Lexington Technology Center who just lost her house to a fire

Micah 6:8 – He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.