• When: 2018-07-05
  • QIC: Happy Trees
  • The PAX: TnG, Crisco, Nub, Matlock, Babe, Puck, Polecat, Daisy, Happy Trees

I brought a Flag, you bring the giant screaming eagle.

YHC lied this morning when he tweeted out the numbers. If you actually yelled “Freeeeedom” from the back of a giant eagle no one would hear you because the eagles scream  would be too loud and bad ass. Due to unforeseen circumcstance Swayze spared our arms and noses from a SBS beat down. With a last minute call YHC tried to find someone to step up. It ended up that he himself would be trying to fill in two very weirdly small shoes. Just in case, planning was done the night before after the news of an absent Q was given. The idea was now to celebrate some core American beliefs F3 Style.

Conditions: Humidity high, humility low



Quick COP: TTT x15 IC, Windmill x15 IC, SSH x15 IC

Mosey to  light pole near the waterless fountain. Mosey from pole to pole doing 4 burpees at each pole. Stop at 7 poles, for 7/4 burpees.

Mosey to block pile and grab some blocks. EVERYONE GETS A FREEDOM BLOCK!

Grab an independent partner for  5 rounds of:

1 partner does AH x 19 while the other does 19 FK’s, then swap exercises and do the same amount. That will be 76 reps together. Rinse and repeat with Squats/ Merkins, BBS/Freddie Mercury, AH/FK, Squats/Merkins.

Next for some real star spangled stuff: Bear crawl block drag 76 feet to the cone.

Partner back up and share 10 rounds of:

Partner 1 stays at line to do exercise. Partner 2 runs to cone and back. Share 76 reps of everything.

Rounds were as follows: AH, FK’s, BBS, Squat, Merkins, AH, FK’s, Freddie Mercury’s, Block Squat, Merkins.

Bear crawl block drag back 76 feet to sign your declaration of independence of the Q.

That was 15 rounds of 76 with 2 block drags of 76 feet. YOU GUESSED IT, I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT, 1776!


Count o rama

Name o rama


Prayer Request:

Sk/Doodle and family, Jeffery Eargle family, Crisco’s mom, Khakis M grandmother.


JULY 25th, Feed the B-L band. More details to come.


Sweet Baby 5k August 4

Stomp the Swamp August 25th.

Not sure of exact date but get ready for 9/11 challenge in Sept.