• When: 2019-09-05
  • QIC: PopOff
  • The PAX: Brita, Squatter, Po, Lumbergh, All9s, Tubbs, Juice, Meter, PaperJam, El Chapo, PopOff

Hurricane Ambush House

YHC had the honor of Leading the men of Ambush for the Pre BRR Q this morning. The weather was 78ish, with a delightful breeze in the air.  I could feel the anticipation from my fellow Pax, to see what would consist of this mornings Q Workout.  There was much Mumble Chatter discussing the IPC earlier this week.

The Thang:



Warm Up:  Everyone got in a circle, at arms length, to ensure that there was amble room for the first exercise.  We discussed at lengths the importance of proper form.

The Exercise:

The Merkin x 1

Mosey in our trucks to the next POI

The Liquid Request:   Some ordered coffee, others requested just water, some stepped it up and ordered OJ.  YHC was humbled by the leadership shown by each Pax.

The Order of Solids:  Each Pax lead the group by placing and individual order of their choice.  To be honest, some found this more difficult then others.  Some may have found out they made bad decisions.

The Payment:  As we came close to the end of our 45 minutes, it was time to put the real work in and pay up.  Each Pax slowly stood, and made the way to the Register of Pain.  One Pax, however had to skip to the front of the line, for there was fear of shatting himself in front of the other Pax, and innocent bystanders.

The Asphalt Mosey:  Each Pax slowly made their way toward the Asphalt.  The Asphalt seemed a little rougher this morning, and it seemed to be slightly longer walk then most mornings.  But, the end was in sight…

Prayer Request:  Prayers to safety of all the runners and drivers for this weekends Blue Ridge Relay, Prayers to all the people affected by the hurricane.

Announcements: The BRR is this Weekend.  A tremendous shout out to one of our fellow Pax, for their speed in the IPC (PW).