• When: 2018-04-24
  • QIC: Short Haul
  • The PAX: Nature Boy (R - Woo!), Hopper(R), Spackle (R), House (R), Rebar, Short Haul

Fuzzy Balls of Fury

YHC’s 2nd Q at Graveyard in just a couple of weeks, and again only a handful of PAX. Was it the Gauntlet? The weather? … or are they scared of what YHC could dish out?

Conditions: Mid 50’s, breezy, and clearing skies

The Thang:


SSH x20 IC
Mosey towards Reaper Hill, stop half way
TTT x20 IC
Mosey to Reaper Hill
LBAC x15 forward & reverse

Then what? Well, none other than Crypt, led by Mac, comes jogging down Reaper Hill. Why? Because YHC and Mac conspired to pit the PAX against each other in a game from YHC’s admittedly scattered brain dubbed ‘Fuzzy Balls of Fury’ (Credit to Blindside and/or Thumbs Up for the name) .

YHC didn’t expect half of Lexington County to post at Crypt, so adjustments to teams were made… PAX counted off 1’s & 2’s in true F3 fashion.

The “game”:

Going up Reaper Hill’s entire length, there were 4 sets of cones in decreasing numbers, like a pyramid (4 at station 1, 3 at station 2, 2 at station 3, and 1 at station 4). Each cone at each station had a tennis ball set atop it, with an exercise and rep count written upon it. Each team was to send a PAX running to the first set of cones to retrieve a ball, and then bring it back for all PAX on his team to complete. Once completed, the next PAX ran up until all 4 of the first stations’ cones were empty. The teams then sent runners to stations 2, 3, and 4 after completing those cones’ exercises. While a PAX was running to the next ball, the team that was left at the foot of Reaper Hill were planking or holding a low squats whilst making mumble-chatter about fuzzy tennis balls.

The exercises:
    Station 1:
Merkins x20
BBSU x20
Imperial Walkers x20
Squats x20
    Station 2:
Monkey Humper x30
LBC x30
Dry Docks x30
    Station 3:
Hello Dolly x40
SSH x40
    Station 4:
Merkins x50

The “twist”:
Each team was given a set of 3 ‘Burpee balls’. At any time, a team could take a burpee ball and place it on the other team’s cone to force them to run back and complete those burpees, as a team, before proceeding to their next station.

Mac’s team of Crypt plus Spackle and Hopper were the disputed winners, though there was controversy over whether the extra cone and subsequent burpee ball placed by Eve at station 4 was within the rules. YHC never specified, so “all’s fair in Fuzzy Balls of Fury” was the verdict. Still, Mac’s time was up, and he led Crypt back to their Flag, so we’ll never know what could have happened had team Mac actually attempted to complete the challenge.

YHC led the intrepid Graveyard PAX up to the top of Reaper Hill to perform various exercises and grab cones.

Station 4:
Flutter Kicks x20 IC
Catch the ball x20 IC
American Hammer x20 IC

Station 3:
Squats x20 IC
Monkey Humpers x20 IC
Calf Raises x20 IC

Station 2:
Ring of Fire (hold plank while PAX take turns with merkins
around the circle)

Station 1:
Lunge to bottom of Reaper Hill
Bear Crawl to end of island from bottom of Hill
Mosey back to Flag


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