• When: 2019-06-18
  • QIC: RockDrop
  • The PAX: Bailout, Recall, 7-11, Long Haul, Notebook, Forrest, RockDrop (Respect)

Free Drinks at The Arena

YHC signed up for today’s Q like most in The Arena….before I got voluntold.  I figured I could write my name on a piece of paper next to some random date in June and feel good about “volunteering” for the Q instead of being assigned.  Today, 7 HIM faced the gloom head-on, went beast-mode on the beat-down, and walked away wet and 45 minutes better than when they started.  Smallish crowd for the Arena, and those that were not there missed free drinks from the portfolio of YHC’s employer.

Conditions: 72 degrees with 114% humidity.  Welcome to summer.

The Thang:



Lord’s Prayer

Pledge of Allegiance



Good Mornings



Walk in Place

Jog in Place

High Knees



Get the heart rate up and Mosey into Round 1 in the front parking lot:

5 Burpees – Mosey

5 Burpees – 20 Pretzel Crunches – Mosey

5 Burpees – 20 Pretzel Crunches – 30 Jump Squats – Mosey

5 Burpees – 20 Pretzel Crunches – 30 Jump Squats – 40 Hand Release Merkins


Mosey to side of school for Round 2 with Blocks and Bricks. Each exercise was done with a 50-yard Mosey back and forth.  Blocks on one end and bricks on the other.

25 Block Press and 25 Brick Press

10 Block Triceps Press and 25 Brick Triceps Press

25 BB Sit-Ups and 25 LBCs

25 Curls for the Girls, Blocks and 25 Curls for the Girls, Bricks

5 Straight Arm Block Raises and 25 Straight Arm Brick Raises

25 Decline Merkins and 15 Triangle Merkins

10 Block Clean and Press and 15 Brick Clean and Press

25 Block Bench Press and 25 Brick Bench Press

15 Crunchy Frogs and 15 Pike-Ups

25 Merkins on Blocks and .25 Merkins on Bricks (Outtatime)

Mosey to front of the school.





  • Cheech Runvergence Friday, 6/21, River Bluff High School
  • F3 Dad’s Camp, August
  • Arena Shirt, Seatcovers Order, check the website


Prayer Requests:

  • Forrest: Family Traveling
  • Unspoken



YHC subscribes to Jeffery Gitomer’s Sales Caffeine e-zine and he posted a guest article from Steve Gutzler. I thought it was worth sharing.

20 Things Successful People do Every Week:

  1. Give other people credit for their victories
  2. Compliment others, especially those in the service industry
  3. Forgive others
  4. Keep a “things not to do” list
  5. Read every day
  6. Accept, take full responsibility, and lead the way
  7. Have a leadership vocabulary of “can do” and “solution finding”
  8. Have a sense of gratitude
  9. Share information and data
  10. Lead by example
  11. Keep a journal and record best practices
  12. Document their goals
  13. Talk about new solutions and ideas
  14. Exercise and focus on health
  15. Delegate and empower others
  16. Focus on the important and not the urgent
  17. Regulate emotions
  18. Keep family first
  19. Admit when you are wrong
  20. Keep perspective and have a great sense of humor

Which do you need to sharpen and focus on?

Have a great week!



Small crowd today, so thanks to Forrest and 7-11 for helping put up the blocks and bricks.

Notebook has an F3 seatcover, and “those seatcovers work.”