• When: 2017-07-25
  • QIC: Finch
  • The PAX: Honeybun(Respect), Chin Strap, Farmer, Tridelta, Brainiac, Icarus, Woodchipper, Dead Stick(Respect), Dundee, Ralphie, Snake Handler, Scribble, Katniss, Kid Sister, Ms. Doubtfire, Hobby Lobby, Kukoc, Hoboken, Emmy, 6-foot Under, Finch

Finch’s VQ


Opening Prayer


Mosey and circle up behind the goal post.

Side Straddle Hop X 20 IC

Thru the Tunnel X 10 IC

Little Baby Arm Circles X 10 front X 10 back IC

20 Merkins on your own

Copperhead Squats on your own.

Mosey to Big Boy Stairs:

Grab a partner and have one go grab a Block.

150 Curls for the girls w/Block while other team member runs stairs

100 Overhead Presses w/Block while other team runs stairs

50 Squats w/Block while other team runs stairs

25 Burpee brick hops w/Block while other team member runs stairs.

5 Stations:

1 corner Flutter Kicks (start at 5 at 2 count)

1 corner Mountain Climbers (start at 5 each leg)

1 corner Lunges each leg (start at 5 each leg)

1 corner Big Boy Sit-ups (Start at 5)

Start each one at 5 and rotate to all of them. In the center you will do burpees counting down from 5.  You will add one to each station as you continue to rotate all the way to 10 at each and 1 burpee in the middle.


Sweet Baby o 5k at Saluda Shoals Aug. 4th and 5th

Stomp the Swamp coming up soon.

Give to the Flannigins Fund at go Fund Site

State Awareness for a will being held for F3 and FIA

Scholarship available to Flannigin Family

Reach out to Celine to lift up after surgery

Take them a meal if you can.

Gift card for Josh and Amanda.

Emmys 3 year jumped right in water but was ok.



6ft himself, brother and brother in law

Celine to get well after surgery