• When: 2018-10-02
  • QIC: Happy Trees
  • The PAX: Ace, Polecat, Nub, Swayze, Matlock, Babe, Belding, Wino, Spring Break, Sheldon, TnG, Stay Puff, Defect, Urkel, Cootie, Happy Trees

“..fill her backpack with bricks and throw her off candy cane bridge.” -Mitchell Pritchett

YHC had an idea a couple nights ago to bring it back to a staple of the F3 palette. The original weinkie was to have a triple Dora (which will happen). The exercises selected were going to maximize reps, however, upon arrival this morning YHC looked at the men of Smokehouse and new they wanted more from the exicon and from their bodies. The silent audible was called in YHC’s mind to double Dora, with a little more taxing work to the legs instead of very fast paced cardio work…you know because we all want to start P200 training. The mumblechatter never disappoints especially when coming from the whistling of Swayze’s temporary tyson tooth.


Conditions: Another beautiful gloom filled morning






Merkins x10 OYO, Goofballs x15 IC, Windmills x15 IC, Hillbilly’s (maybe) x15 IC, 5 Burpees OYO

The Thang:  

Mosey to the possum mansion and partner up for Dora (round 1):

P1 runs to first light pole (approximately 30-40 yards) and backpedals back to line. P2 Exercises and flap jack until rep numbers are reached (reps are shared).

x100 2 count lunges

x200 Merkins

x300 Squats

Circle for Mary as you finish to wait on the six.


Mosey to the block pile and line up on track, 1 block per man couple.

Dora (second round):

P1 runs 50 yards and back. P2 reps

x100 Merkins (on the block if you desire)

x200 Squats (oh yeah)

x300 OH press (oh no)

Get reps for the six

Put up blocks.

Mosey to the ticket booth. JAILBREAK to the flag.

Urkel can accelerate faster than his car…true story.



Christmas Party date discussions: tentative December 7th

P200 HC’s if you want it you had better get it. Only 2 openings left and we can go with 10!! soooooo….

Hairy Bison

There are places close to town to donate to hurricane relief. We missed hooking up with Moist on that.


Prayer request: Caboose’s family, Alanna Thompson-Praise for this surgery, prayer for the next!