• When: 2019-04-25
  • QIC: Inspector Mom
  • The PAX: Wild Hog, Boucher, Half Empty, All 9s, Tiger Blood, Grave Digger, Cramps, Mercy Rule, Fuzzy Navel, Meatball, Scotch, Cooter, Stalker, Heisenberg (R), Hoist, Major Pain, Slumlord (R), FNG-Moonshine

Field trip to Growler Hill

19 Pax showed up for the forewarned field trip to Growler Hill for a cardio and core partner beat down. While some phrases like “$20 dollars is $20 dollars” and “it doesn’t count if you get paid for it” we’re used, we still had a group of hard chargers. T-claps to 9 pax who hit some extra good living’ for Stridelite.

Weather: 69 and clear


The Beatdown:

Grab a partner (as your wife says, size does matter) stick with him the entire workout.

Mosey as a group to Growler Hill

Line up at the bottom of the hill

AYG to the top, then 10 partner clap pushups at the top. 5 Rounds

Wheel barrow to the top switching as needed; at the top 10 jump squat w/ high fives at the top. 2 Rounds

Bear crawl tag up the hill decline pushups at top

Lunge to the top partner plank pushups at the top

AYG to the top, then 15 Iron Cross pushdowns. 5 Rounds

Fireman/Casualty Carry to the top. 2 Rounds

Mosey back to courtyard

Grab a seat on the wall; on the call AYG to the wall and back resume position. 5 Rounds

On your 6; on the call one Egg Roll then AYG to the wall and back.

Return to SF

FNG- Andrew Webber; Slumlord neighbor; in finance; grew up here and in Knoxville; in air guard; gas man in the air.

Hard charger> Larry Bird> Jergens> Moonshine

Welcome Moonshine

Prayer Request:
Imom- grandmother moving to assisted living today

Cramps/9s/Hog — Ms running half in Nashville

TigerBlood — M running a full in Cali


3rd F 5k this Saturday
Thumbs up fundraiser at AngryFish May 5

Galatians: 6-2
Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.

Remember that we are here each time in COT to help carry each other’s burdens spoken or unspoken and let us help each other on this crazy journey called life.