• When: 2018-04-06
  • QIC: Stay Puff
  • The PAX: Babe, Happy Trees, T&G, Mermaid, Puck and Stay Puff

Fartlek Friday Fun

As the message board reached a fever pitch on a Thursday night, YHC knew a fartlek was in store. While  lightly tossed around at first it seemed to solidify as Wino asked with seemingly strong passion “Is it a fartlek Friday?”  Others seemed excited as well. As we gathered this morning without the presence of a few including Wino, the point was made that perhaps we mistook Wino’s intent on the question of a fartlek. Oh well. We journey on.

Weather: Cool but clear



The Thang:

Indian Run Down Main to Hwy 1 and then circle back toward Rooster.

Run back to Hwy 23 alternating w/ Karaoke, sprints, backward runs, high knees and butt kicks

Then we took a couple laps around the park  Unsure what to do next YHC decided on an Indian run down to Lick Creek and back. Down was easier than up for sure. We then pushed back to Rooster to meet back with our Rucker