• When: 2017-07-22
  • QIC: Argyle
  • The PAX: Muggy Tape, ChumLee, Inspector Mom, Bing, Dunphy, Doodah, CoonDog, Notebook, FNG Snuggles, Spagettie-os, Cowbell, Mercy Rule, Argyle

F3 Rugby the Premier Edition

During a long hiatus from Qing due to some obligations at work, YHC had time to develop a new game that he could play. He wanted it to be a fun way to run a good bit (his arch nemesis) and put a sufficient beatdown on the Saturday PAX. The game took a few modifications during the course but ultimately 13 PAX showed up and played hard.

F3 Rugby was originally going to be named F3 Capture the Flag but YHC discovered that had already been done but after watching how the game developed Rugby was the right call…

The PAX were divided into 2 teams. Each team put on Flag Football flags and proceeded to their own end zone. On the count of GO The PAX performed 10 Burpees and then sprinted to the middle of the field to pick up a 20# medicine ball. A PAX was in play as long as he had his flags, and could either advance the ball, block for the advancement of the ball, prepare to be passed the ball, or remove the other teams flags. Once a PAX was removed from play i.e. his flag was pulled, he had to return to his end zone and perform 1 of the following in rotation. (5 Merkins or 5 BBSU or 5 squats or 5 Burpees) Once the set was complete the PAX was back in play. After each score the PAX returned to their end zone and started over.

As the game progressed, 10 burpees after each score became 5 and PAX were allowed to do their reps in the field of play, because Dunphy was doing it anyway. 30 minutes felt like an hour. After a trade due to injury the teams were pretty even. I think the final score was 7-6 but there wasn’t a lot of blood in YHC’s brain. The PAX moseyed back to the flag and the serious stuff broke down from there thanks to all the mumblechatter that Notebook was holding back during the BC.

All in all, a fun day that wore YHC out completely. A nap was required before the completion of this backblast.