• When: 2019-11-28
  • QIC: Tardy
  • The PAX: Bar crawl, boo boo, rocking chair (respect), ball boy, hostel, banjo, tardy, waze, tailspin, rumble strip

Detention Turkey Day Trot!

The men of Detention (and a couple from Crypt) showed up late this morning to help YHC get ready for Turkey and also to celebrate his Birthday! Here is what you missed…

circle up, disclosure, pray.
The Thang:

Indian run to tennis complex parking lot. (Wait for banjo to catch up)

warm ups- SSH x 37 IC, TTT, LBAC, over head claps, cherry pickers (for ball boy), merkins. suicide sprints

Turkey Day Trot:

go across street,

at every light pole: 15 squats

at every cul-da-sac: 10 burpees and 20 crunches

mosey back to front of school, everyone grab a bench.

37 dips ( for YHCs birthday), too many step ups, incline and decline merkins x 20.

laps around parking lot until time ( or til my watch hits 2 miles…)


prayers and announcements.

remember men to be thankful!!!