• When: 2017-09-28
  • QIC: Postal
  • The PAX: Stinkbait, patches, H4T, Adluh, Jill, Boo Boo, cream cheese, candy stripe, bar crawl, Rook, rumblestrip, dink,

Detention Field Trip BackBlast 9-28-17

Field trip to the fields of our youth

YHC is always honored to lead these strong men and today was no different! Always encouraged and challleged to be a better #Him and athlete. These guys sharpen me.

Conditions: 73 and clear


the thang: diaclaimer, prayer,

The faithful gathered in the gloom to get better. And these men did!

Circle up ssh 15 ic
TTT 15 ic

Walking lunge
But kicks
High knees

Mosey to Play ground and baseball fields partner up 1, and 2

was reminded that each one of us pushes the next so we ran the bases in tandem. The fields of our youth when we were young and spry.

-90 foot sprints to first base
Follow to right filed
-Hold plank center field.
-25 squats
Crossovers to left field
25 squats
Sprint to home
Good work to all the washed up baseball players who were putting in work… had to explain the basics of baseball to #thekid

Mosey to playground
Everyone find a slide or ledge or bench.
20 derkins
20 dips
20 dry docks
20 decline plank jacks
20 donkey kicks from ground into slide or ledge or bench

revers to incline and repeat. Good work to all.

Meanwhile our enjured Rook enjoyed a leg beatdown.

squats -20

step ups 20

squat jumps -20


Mosey back to SF but not without working backwards and hitting he walking lunges and high knees

YHC finished this field trip with 7 minutes of Mary

hopefully it was enough training for the p200 boys btw boo boo and Tardy are willing to go to great lengths to secure their missing spots


prayer/ praise: Patches family had baby and are safe. Dad. NO CANCER! Amen! Pray for Bray low counts going in Friday for counts

rumblestrip kids sick

h4t to have strong stomach for dog losing eye.

moleskin. I am impressed by the work ethic of this group and am super proud of adluh and rook who pushed through pain and tolerance to accomplish and complete today’s boot camp! These men are champs!


How Jehoshaphat trusted God through a trial

2 chronicles 20:1-12
Jehoshaphat when he faced a trial.
Set himself to seek the Lord (vs 3) i. The meter for how much we want to trust Jesus is measured by how often we set ourselves to seek him.

He then reviewed past victories. ( vs 7) ii. setting ourselves to seek the Lord will help our spiritual memories and vision to clear.

He focused his feet and didn’t wander every path. (Vs 12)

iii. Couldn’t see the path but didn’t run around shooting random arrows
He couldn’t see the way out but knew it was coming.