• When: 09/12/2017
  • QIC: Columbo
  • The PAX: Alter Boy, Ocho Cinco, Choo-Choo

Day after Irma

Had a small crowd of 4 the morning after hurricane Irma passed into and through SC.  Luckily the midlands of SC experienced only rain, wind and a few downed trees

I had decided the day before there would be no running and there was no running.  This was a Boneyard certified non running WO.   After disclaimer and prayer the PAX imperial walked across the parking lot for a warm up of SSH,  TT Tunnel, Jerkins etc

Select a block from brickpile and walk to portion of walking path.  PAX took turns fireman carry two blocks for a distance of about 25 yards and back while other PAX performed various exercises: plank o rama, LBC, squats, flutter kicks, merkins, curls for girls, overhead press, triceps extension etc.

Carry blocks to parking lot where each PAX picked a space or line in parking lot.  Lunge walk width of parking lot 10 merkins lunge walk back 10 merkins.   Side lunge width of parking lot 10 merkins, side lunge back 10 merkins etc.

Take blocks back and hillbilly walk back to shovel flag for a few rounds of merry

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  There’s been a lot of talk on the herd’s exclusive Twitter DIM about the Hairy Bison 9 and 15 K at Harbison State forest, the BRR, and other running events.  Our new AOQ Alter Boy announced a good opportunity for 3rd F with “Helping Hands” assisting with delivering meals to the needy.  This event is to take place on October 21st.  Additional details coming soon.

PRAYER REQUESTS:  Hurricane victims.