• When: 2018-12-05
  • QIC: Cinco De Mayo
  • The PAX: Cootie, Belding, Doodle, Stay Puff, Puck, Hollywood, and Cinco de Mayo

Coffee, Q, or no Q

YHC arrived at the Rooster a few minutes before go time at the 5 am bell and plucked his ruck sack out of his car.

He joined the circle and waited for the 1 minute warning.

Once 5 came YHC looked around and the other PAX in awe for instruction as it had been a few weeks since his last visit. Much to his surprise, it was the YHC on the Q .

Oh, the madness.

Being the non-quick thinker on his feet the YHC threw out the Disclaimer like candy at a Christmas Parade and we all gathered around for the prayer before takeoff on what was sure to be the best unplanned route of all time — guaranteed.

The runners headed down Main toward the chicken strip. The now famous chicken strip in all of its glory has been known to humble a runner or rucker or 2.

The Ruckers (ahem, mall walkers with coffee freely flowing from Yet I tumblers) headed down Main and made the large loop around the gardens of Leesville before returning to the street of Main. From there, we descended upon the outskirts of the former Leesville College now known as Midlands Tech — Batesburg.

All returned safely to the shovel flag before the prayer and mumblechatter increased to a recognizable volume that caused YHC to be reminded of what he had missed out on the last few weeks.

It was cold but great work was done. The mumblechatter was unheard of and the coffee smelled great as the mall walkers briskly walked through the chicken-lit lined streets.

Thank you to to Puck and Matlock for continuously sending texts to EH me back to the Rooster. Trust me, it works and it feels as good as removing that ruck sack from your back after 2-plus miles on a chilly morning.

YHC has about 12 more miles to get with a ruck to reach the 100 mark for the year. Come one, come all as this goal will be shattered before the ball drops on the last few seconds of 2018.

Then, what goal will 2019 bring.

We shall see…