• When: 2019-04-02
  • QIC: Harp
  • The PAX: McCafe, Kiffin, Stagefright, Honeybun (Respect), Emmy, Harp (Respect)

Circuits of Pain

For YHC’s birthday Q, there was a idea to lead the men of Snakepit this morning with some P200 competitive exercises, but mother nature had other plans.  Omaha was called and the workout was moved from the field to a little more sheltered and confined area due to the impending monsoon called by Cantore.

Conditions: 42 and raining


Opening Prayer

circle up


17 IW IC

17 Windmills IC

Emmy, 17+17+17=51, yes those counts were intentional.

In High school, our wrestling team would often finish off practices with a circuit of exercises counting down from 20 to 1.  YHC thought this would be a good idea for the Snakepit crew, but modified.  We kept the pace fast and it went a little like this:


10 Merkins IC

10 Mountain climbers IC


With no rest or recovery, we went from one exercise to the next and when 10 count was complete, we did 9, then 8, etc

Still in a circle, 1st pax called an exercise and 10 reps were completed.

We did 10 more of the first exercise then 10 reps of the next pax’ exercise and kept adding 10 reps of the next exercise per round


Kiffin-Flutter kicks

Stagefright-American Hammers

Honeybun-Copperhead squats

Emmy-Carolina Dry docks


To close out the day, Pax played a couple of rounds of Hot potato with burpee penalties and did some light stretching for the last few minutes to wind it down.

Many thanks to the Pax that posted in pretty poor conditions to support YHC.


Need Q’s

Prayers and Praises

Farmers’ 2.0 doing well

Kiffin’s shoulder

Watts Family