• When: 2019-07-09
  • QIC: Chuckwagon
  • The PAX: Wild Hog, Muggy Tape, Iron Mary, Cramps, Kenwood, Honey Boo Boo, Free Bird, All 9's, Half Empty

Chuckwagon Challenge

10 Pax got better this morning in a Chuckwagon Challenge (3 for SL). The numbers were weak but the work and effort were not! QIC got his inspiration for today’s workout from participating in the Ryan Rawl Challenge on July 4th with HBB. We partnered up, pushed each other, got stronger and had fun doing it. Thanks to the Pax that came out this morning!

Conditions: 73 and muggy with a soggy ground from the night’s storm
Disclaimer and COT
The Thang:
Mosey around parking lot and circle up.
SSH x 40 IC
TTT x 15 IC
Little Baby Arm Circles (10 FW, 10 Reverse) IC
OH Claps x 20 IC
Burpees x 10 OYO

We partnered up to begin a tour around LHS. Mosey to (virtual) shovel flag. First Station was 1 lap around the parking lot and then perform 100 1 arm partner squats – plank on the 6

Mosey to courtyard – Wheel barrow across courtyard – 1 partner down, other partner back x 2

Mosey to breezeway – leapfrog with partner the entire length of breezeway – plank on the 6

Mosey to breezeway at the front of the school – Partner Plank 5’s (each partner gets in a plank position with their heads towards each other. Lift right hand and slap hands then lift left hand and slap hands) x 100

Mosey to main stairs in front of school – crab walk stairs – 1 partner crab walks up then back down then other partner crab walks up and down. Repeat across all flights of stairs. – plank on the 6.

Mosey around to flower bed by baseball field – Peoples chair partner dips. Partner 1 gets in a peoples chair position with arms up in the air, partner 2 performs 50 dips using partner 1’s knees as support. – switch so both partners perform 50 dips.

Mosey to block pile – 1 block per team – each partner performs 10 block thrusters. Return blocks

Circle up on sidewalk to perform some Mary. QIC called on Cramps for the first exercise which was 25 gas pumps.
QIC called on Muggy Tape for next exercise which was 25 LBC’s.

Recover and head to (virtual) shovel flag.

Count-O-Rama and Name-O-Rama
10 pax for BC; 3 Pax for SL

Iron Mary has free pass for 50k – any takers?
Jailbreak, Reaper Challenge, stomp the swamp all coming up
BRR coming in September

Prayer Requests: Men – please take 10 minutes today and pray for each of these requests. There is definitely power in prayer.

​Frizzle’s father passed away – keep his family in your prayers.
​Blind Side’s 2.0, Maggie, had 1st brain surgery yesterday. More operations to come – keep Maggie and family in your prayers
​All 9’s coworker lost her sister recently – keep the family in your prayers

​Today’s Q was a partner workout. Each partner encouraged and pushed one another through the workout. We all need a workout partner to push us and hold us accountable from time to time. The same is true in our daily lives. I wanted to encourage each Pax to find someone they know, trust and respect to be an accountability partner with our walk with the Lord, struggles with sin, how we treat our M’s, how we parent our 2.0’s and just in everyday life. God didn’t create us to do life on our own – he wired us to have community and to do it together. Obviously most of us have our M’s but having a dude hold us accountable and be able to speak truth into our lives is super important. It has helped me personally as I try and navigate life and my relationship with God.

“Sin demands to have a man by himself. It withdraws him from the community. The more isolated a person is, the more destructive will be the power of sin over him, and the more deeply he becomes involved in it, the more disastrous is his isolation” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

“And let us be concerned about one another in order to promote love and good works, not staying away from our worship meetings, as some habitually do, but encouraging each other, and all the more as you see the day drawing near.” Hebrews 10:24-25