• When: 2019-10-08
  • QIC: Banjo
  • The PAX: Bar Crawl, Mia, Patches, Danica, Bondo, Giggity, OX, Rumble Strip, Broadhead, Banjo

Catfish Theory

Ten PAX at the school yard this morning for some catfish theory – gettin’ after those sardines, that is…  YHC has been absent for a month, thanks to a few catfish of his own; but when that Q spot showed as open, it was time to get back in the tank.

So here’s what it did:

Welcome, Disclaimer, and BOM

Weather: lower 70’s and clear

Cue the music.  Mosey to the blacktop for COP:

-TTT X 10 IC

-6-CT Burpee X 10 IC

-SmurphjacKs X 20 IC

-Imperial Walker X 20 IC


The Work: Dora 1-2-3…1

Pair up.  PAX 1 runs about 50 yds out and back while PAX 2 gets his share of:

-Merkins X 100

-BBSU X 200

-Squats X 300

…Burpees X 100


Mosey back for Mary:

Tunnel of Love

Flutter Kicks X 20 IC

American Hammer X 20 IC

Mountain Climber X 20 IC


Time is called.


Prayer Requests:



*P200 Detainees – 2 spots left, talk to Boobs

*10/26/19 – Go Leo Go 5K – Thumbs up needs help with Speed for Need chairs.


*11/16/19 – Cheech 10K / Lexington Half Marathon



Naked Man Moleskine

*Good to be back! We all go through spells where time is short and nights are long.  Thanks to the Detainees for keeping after me, and the warm welcome back.

*Great seeing Broadhead out in the gloom!  Sorry I missed your #FNGWelcome!


Devo: Catfish Theory

The catfish effect is the effect that a strong competitor has in causing the weak to better themselves.  Actions done to actively apply this effect (for example, by the human resource department) in an organization, are termed catfish management.

In Norway, live sardines are several times more expensive than frozen ones, and are valued for better texture and flavor. It was said that only one ship could bring live sardine home, and the shipmaster kept his method a secret. After he died, people found that there was one catfish in the tank. The catfish keeps swimming, and the sardines try to avoid this predator. This increased level of activity keeps the sardines active instead of becoming sedentary, according to Vince from the Catfish film

Sometimes we’re the catfish, and sometimes we’re the sardines.  So when there’s a catfish in your tank, remember that the Good Lord put him there to keep your faith fresh and salty.