• When: 2023-01-24
  • QIC: Canseco
  • The PAX: Pick Axe, Boo ( R), Wapner, Brimley, Booster, Jackie Moon, Duraflame, Buttermaker (R), Simon Says, Canseco, Sunday Driver

Canseco block, brick, jump rope and stretch boot camp 1/24/23


Weather: 31 degrees, clear and calm.  Great cool weather for boot camp. 


(Disclaimer and prayer, listen to your body and modify as necessary)


Quick mosey around parking lot and back to flag. 

Through the Tunnel x 10 IC

Overhead hand claps

Little Baby Arm Circles x 10 IC both directions

Michael Phelps x 10 IC

Slow MO Squats x 10 IC

SSH silent count – 15 SSH with first 5 in cadence and last 10 in silence.  If any pax finish at a different time/count, the group as a whole must do 5 burpees. All pax succeeded but one who’s name I won’t mention and and the whole group owed 5 burpees 



All pax ran to the block pile to get a block or 2 bricks then returned to the teacher’s parking lot. Groups of 3 with two pax at opposite ends of the parking lot with one performing jump rope continuously and the other pax doing curls for the girls with their bricks or blocks, while the 3rd pax John Cusack carried their blocks from one end of the parking lot to switch off (flap jack) 

The jump rope exercise proved to be more “taxing” than originally anticipated, so YHC elected to alternate between jump rope and squats each time the pax return to the end of the parking lot.  The jump ropes were cold and coiled and difficult to use. Many pax had to Modify as needed but YHC believed that everyone was able to get good work in. 

Blocks and bricks returned to the block pile.

All pax grab 5′ PVC pole out of back of YHC’s truck.



  1. On your six, feet spread wide apart to where there is a stretch,  but not painful.  Reach outward down toward ankles until good stretch is felt and hold for 10 seconds. 


  1. Bend R knee and bring R foot to L knee while L leg still fully extended.  Stretch down to L foot/ ankle.  Hold 10 seconds.  Flap jack


  1. Bring feet together with both knees bent and gently lean forward,  stretching low back.  Hold for 10 seconds.


  1. The sundial.  Start in L side lying and keep knees together, then open up by raising R hand over head and opening up chest to stretch chest and low back.  Perform 3 times. Flap jack onto R side. 




  1. Arms spread shoulder width apart, fully extend both arms above head while in supine position.  Bring both arms down to hips,  while keeping elbows extended. x 3


  1. Bring pipe level to chest with arms spread wide.  L palm up and push bar to left side while using R hand to apply pressure to bottom of bar to fully extend L arm.  While in this position,  rotate L leg across R leg and stretch hips in the opposite direction.  Hold for 5 seconds.  Flap jack. 


  1. Sit up with legs spread wide apart.  Arms holding bar a little wider than shoulder width apart,  then extend the bar overhead and behind back while trying to extend the chest outward. Keep the core tight. Press both legs into the ground and keep neck neutral. 



  1. With bar overhead and legs wide in straddle position,  bend sideways to try and touch end of bar to ground,  if not too tight.  Keep neck in neutral and try to keep arms straight and a little wider than shoulders.  Hold for 10 seconds on R side and then flap jack to L side for 10 seconds. 


  1. Stand up with bar and place bar behind your neck,  resting on your shoulders with both arms fully extended.  Feet shoulder width apart.  Gently and slowly,  rotate upper trunk from right to left,  while raising opposite heel to facilitate full twist.  Go slow and be gentle. 


  1. Vertical pole squat,  with arms kept high on bar and toes pointed outward.  Maintain stretch for 10 seconds.


Dam to Dam 2/18/23

Lighthouse glow stick run


Prayer Requests:

Buttermaker’s brother in law

Wapner’s mom

DEVO: The sparkplug. This is the device,  in most engines but not all, that ignites when started and causes the fuel and air to combust and begin running.  If an engine has a sparkplug,  it will not start unless this device is sufficiently working. There are people in life who it this description of a sparkplug. Have you been impacted by a someone like this in your life or on a team you played on? Have you been able to ignite passion and motivation in others, thereby being one yourself? One doesn’t have to strive to be the “combustion” or movement in life,  but one could argue that influencing and impacting those around us in a positive way such as a sparkplug would,  is just as equally important.  Metaphorically,  a sparkplug can be equated to: integrity,  honesty, passion,  empathy,  morality,  dedication to community, unconditional love and many other positive things.  Are you a sparkplug for those around you,  or are you the kill switch sometimes? Stay positive and always look for opportunities to ignite those around you. One may never fully realize the size of an engine that can be started when the right sparkplug is firing at the right time. 

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