• When: 2019-06-28
  • QIC: Ken Doll
  • The PAX: Meatball, Mercy Rule, Abner, Dunphy, Sonic, Wingback, Forrest, Nub, Shankapotamus ,Buzzsaw, Ken Doll

Bulgarian What?

Urban Legend was originally designed as a bootcamp that moved around the Town of Lexington but safety of the pax was a concern. It can still be done but safety must be paramount. We moved off campus today, touring Virginia Wingard Park, Church St, and Icehouse Amphitheater. We did cross a couple of streets but crosswalks were used and red lights were obeyed.

It was a good morning and work was done.

Future Qs: You lead us how you want to. If we do move off campus, please use crosswalks and limit the number of times we cross

Pax: Please wear bright colors.

Also, Happy birthday, Mercy Rule! Sorry about cutting in line.

Conditions: High 60s, humid

The Thang:


Mosey to grassy area for Dynamic stretches
-Lunge twists
-High knees
-Butt kicks

Mosey to Virginia Wingard Park

Divide them up however you choose but get it done with proper form.
35 pull ups
50 merkins
70 squats (butt touching bench)

Mosey to new circle parking lot off Church

10 plank jack merkins
10 jump squats
take a lap
x 3

This was roped off so YHC called an Omaha

Mosey to Church St beside Icehouse

run up to stop sign – 5 burpees
run down – 10 mt climbers (2-ct)
R&R for 8 minutes

Mosey to top deck of amphitheater

Bulgarian Split Squat (on retaining wall) x 5 each leg
Run down to bottom level
Box Jumps x 10
R&R for 8 minutes

Mosey to bottom of stairs outside of amphitheater
Plank Jack Merkins x 10
Squat Jumps x 10
Run up stairs to top deck, run down to stage and back around
R&R for 5 min

Mosey back to 9/11 Memorial Flag


Devo: Ezekial 36:26 “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you”

Prayer Requests:
-Doodle and Sara Kate

-9/6-9/7: Blue Ridge Relay
-3/27-3/28: Palmetto 200