• When: 2018-06-21
  • QIC: Rook
  • The PAX: Dirty Bird, Chum, Bionic, Say What!?

Boneyard’s Burpees, Blocks, and Bum Wing Bonanza

A year ago, YHC had only been attending F3 for about 2 months. I met Cheech once, where we posted together at Turning Point on a Saturday. As we all know, shortly after that he departed this world leaving behind a tremendous family and legacy amongst F3 brothers. It was F3’s response to Cheech’s passing that truly cemented me being a part of this group permanently. It was the moment I realized F3 was FAR more than just a fitness group. It’s what men need in their lives.

A year ago, after Cheech’s passing, I attended a post at Detention where my F3 brother Lego began Lexington’s first post day without Cheech by having the Pax plank for a minute of silence in honor of our fallen brother.

I felt like today’s workout at Boneyard would be appropriate to begin the same way.

The thing

1 Minute plank in silence in honor of Cheech and his family.
10 Overhead claps
Ring of Pain (Hold plank while the other Pax execute 10 merkins, with the exception of our Pax with a bum wing, Say What!? who injured his shoulder at a youth T-ball game. True story).
10 Imperial Walkers
10 Hillbillies
Ring of Pain (Hold chair squat while Pax execute 10 squats. Say What?! was able to participate in this one.)

Death Star
Pax began at the center of the star and bear crawled to one of the star points, and did 20 reps of an exercise, dealer’s choice. Bear crawl back to the center and 10 merkins in the middle. Hit all five points of the star, moving counter clockwise.

Level 1 Block Drills
This exercise is a called a Level 1 Drill in the “Insanity” fitness program. I am unsure if the F3 lexicon has a comparable name. For extra fun, we added a block to the mix.

The count:
1 – Drop block to the ground in burpee position
2- Kick feet out into plank
3-8 – Merkins
9-14 – Mountain Climbers
15 – Kick feet back into crouch
16 – Return to start position

These are nasty so we only did 2 reps

Team Block Carry
Partner Up. P1 farmer’s carry both blocks about 20 yards and back while P2 AMRAP LBC’s. Collect 200 team LBC’s.

Repeat. P1 farmer carry both blocks, P2 AMRAP merkins. Collect 100 team merkins.

As is my tradition, I like to get pax to call out exercises for Mary.

Say What!? – Squats x 10
Dirty Bird – Big Boy Situps x 10
Bionic – Flutterkicks x 10 (2 count)
Chum – Burpees x 10

Prayer and Announcements
Chum’s friend who lost her son in a car wreck and is dealing with multiple broken limbs
Sweet Baby-O 5K first weekend in August
Blue Rhino/Bray – 2 year pray for Bray event at Detention on 7/19