• When: 2020-02-11
  • The PAX: Dirty Bird-R, Chum-R, The Nature Boy-R, Double Fault, Whisper, Netflix, Weekend Special, Fannie Mae, Potus-R, Hogtied-R, Bionic-R, Pearl-R, Bulldog


YHC is always keeping a watch out for an open spot at Boneyard.  Love these dudes.  They’ve got a core group that you can always count on being there.  And, it’s always great to visit these dudes of RESPECT and bring them a workout that might make them remember throughout the workday…..or for some of these distinguished gentlemen, their fun-employed day.  So, YHC decided to bring a bit of twist to the normal travelling Pain Station workout to fit in with the Boneyard code.

Here’s what went down:



Opening Prayer

Conditions:  63 degrees, light drizzle and a Westerly breeze

The Thang:

Warm-up:  SSHs x 20 IC, TTT x 20 IC, LBACs x 20 IC

6 stations of big bricks, big blocks, and concrete cylinders were set up under the awning for the PAX.  They got to choose where they wanted to start.  We did two rotations thru the stations.  At each station, the PAX completed an exercise for 45 seconds…twice….with a 10-15 second break in-between.  Here were the stations:

Station 1, round 1: static press concrete cylinders while performing Iron Crosses

Station 2, round 1:  Big brick curls

Station 3, round 1: Seated shoulder presses with big bricks

Station 4, round 1: Goblet squats with blocks

Station 5, round 1: Man makers with block or block merkins (choose is yours)

Station 6, round 1:  Mountain Climbers


Station 1, round 2: Flutter kicks while static pressing concrete cylinders

Station 2, round 2: Tricep extensions with big bricks

Station 3, round 2: Big Brick curls into forearm extensions…..(a crowd favorite)

Station 4, round 2: Calf raises with block

Station 5, round 2: Shoulder press with block (pressing bottom of block and up)

Station 6, round 2: Plank Jacks

Clean up our brick/block mess and mosey back to the flag

Announcements:  Boneyard cookout, 6-year Convergence, Potus-led Rotary club breakfast next Thursday at CC of Lexington 7:30 am

Prayer Requests:  Dear Diary, Ellie’s family, Double Fault’s father-n-law, Dawn Merck

Music brought to you by:  Ray Charles, Bill Haley & the Comets, Barrett Strong, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Little Richard, Elvis, Bill Withers

Excellent work this morning, gentlemen.  See you soon.

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