• When: 2018-08-09
  • QIC: MuggyTape
  • The PAX: Bouche, GraveDigger, FieldGoal, Meatball, Pawnstar, Wild Hog, Hoist, Stalker, Mercy Rule, Half Empty, Irrev, Cramps, Chuck Wagon, Heisenburg, Honey BooBoo, Kenwood, Spaghetti O's, Weyward Sun, Fuzzy Navel, MuggyTape

Birthday Beatdown

20 of Lexingtons finest showed up to support YHC for his birthday Q.  YHC decided to keep it simple and focused on 3 exercises for this mornings entertainment.  Mumblechatter was strong at the beginning but silenced a bit as we went to work.  Here is what we did:

Weather:  Very Moist




10 Merkins, 10 Squats, 10 Burpees

The Thang,

Everyone grab a block and find a partner and line up on the goal line of the band field.  Partner 1 runs to the 4th cone (abt 100yds) 44 Merkins, 44 Squats.  Partner 2 does 10 Merkins & 10 Squats, then farmers carries both blocks stopping at 3 cones to 10 burpees at each cone (25yds apart).  Put blocks down then partner 2 buddy drags partner 125yds.  Each partner grabs a block and runs back to the start.  Then Flap jack.


Block Bear Crawls:

Partner 1 bear crawls with a block, while partner 2 does 5 burpees then takes over for partner. Continue to flap jack from one goal line to the other.



Partner 1 planks while partner 2 jumps over then planks while partner 1 jumps over, then each rotates between going over and under each other from one goal line to the other.



Partner 1 runs back and from 3 cones while partner 2 does merkins, then flap jack.  round 2 with squats and round 3 with burpees.


Everyone grab their blocks and do 10ea merkins, squats and burpees with blocks.

Peoples Chair- 2 sets 1 min ea.

set 1  with blocks on thighs and set 2 with block overhead.

20 flutter kicks in cadence with blocks

COT: Countarama and Namearama


F3 Dads Camp this weekend

Irrev VQ Aug 18th CAT & Hollow Converge

Jailbreak Escape Aug 18th

Stomp the Swamp Aug 25

BRR Sept 6-8


Clamdigger, JJ back, Buzzsaw/Uncle Ron, Brainiacs Surgery, Boat Plugs wife in ICU

Thirst Thursday next week