• When: 2018-08-08
  • QIC: Happy Trees
  • The PAX: Cinco De Mayo, Shankopotamus, Wino, Matlock, Stay Puff, Belding, Happy Trees

Better be quick, don’t fall in a crack, protect yourself… SHANK IS BACK.

This will be easily one of the quickest BB’s YHC has ever penned. All you need to know is that Shankopotamus rolled in on us this morning, which was a blessing for fellowship. He then proceeded to taunt us about how he shouldn’t be ahead of us after back surgery. All YHC really remembers from the view from behind was hearing his constant belittling. I think his exact words may have been “What, you pansies can’t hold a 6:30 pace for 6 miles? I was chasing real roosters this morning than moved faster than you! Where the hell am I, is this F3 CRYBABYWALKERS or something?”. True story or my name isn’t Jamal Hennison.  So besides that 5 PAX got really sweaty together next to some grapevines and 2 PAX ventured off together alone in the dark to explore some stuff with backpacks.


Conditions: Humid and Hairy

Runners Route: Down main and right on #1. Left on Shealy Rd. Left on 245, Right on #1, Left on Main, Straight towards Rooster and fly until morning.



Count O Rama

Name O Rama


Prayer Request: Ronald Black, Praise for Shank being back, waiting on Wilson to heal up,

TCLAPS TO CINCO DE MAYO…consistently getting back out to the Rooster to get better! Killing the XL’s