• When: 2018-08-14
  • QIC: Bailout
  • The PAX: Rock Drop (R), Utah (R), Ranger (R), Quest, Recall, Hook & Ladder, 7-11, Notebook, Fishwrap, Bailout

Back 9 in the Gloom. Still no Beer.

Weather: 72 degrees with a welcome breeze

Two weeks ago we did the ‘front 9’ of St. Andrews Old Course.  Essentially, we run the distance of each hole, followed by a exercise.  Last week YHC had a viral infection in my lungs and Dr. told me to go to work and home so YHC wasn’t able to make it to the Arena at all last week.  Luckily YHC was better for F3 dad’s camp and was able to make it back this morning to Q with a slot open.  It was good getting back out there with the pax of The Arena.

Disclaimer & Prayer


  • SSHx20 (Apparently your Q needs to work on his cadences)
  • HillBillyx20
  • TTTx20
  • IWx20
  • LBAC 20 forwards, 10 backwards–I know.  You don’t have to tell me, I know.

Mosey to brick pile and pick up two bricks:

#10 340 yards, .20 miles “Bobby Jones” 34 big boy sit ups.

***Due to confusion amongst the pax, the way the reps were counted became a source of mumblechatter.  FTR, we take the number of yards, and divide by 10. Your Q was taking verbal abuse from all angles during the course of the workout.  Good times nonetheless.

#11 174 yards .10 miles “High”: 17 merkins, on the bricks oyo + 10 BBSU

#12 316 yards .18 miles “Heathery”: 31 BBSU

#13 418 yards .24 miles “Hole O’ Cross”: 41 Arm Curls with Bricks on each arm + 10 BBSU

#14 530 yards .29 miles “Long”: 53 Over the Head Tricep Extensions + 10 BBSU

#15 414 yards .235 miles: 41 Squats OYO with Bricks + 10 BBSU

#16 381 yards .18 miles: 38 BBSU

#17 455 yards .26 miles: **45 Arm Curls was the exercise but we got a two minute warning from AOQ so we finished the distance but had to run and put bricks back up



Prayer Requests

  • Recall’s friends battling cancer: Rob, Lisa, Holly
  • Dear Diary
  • Funnel Cake’s mom, undergoing breast cancer surgery today



Our Nantan brought up the fact we didn’t finish the workout. So we finished the workout. We did some Extra Credit which was:

#18  357 yards .21 miles: 35 BBSU

Our esteemed Nantan then brought up the fact we didn’t do the exercises for #17.  Half the cars were out of the lot within a moment of that comment.

Homework is for all pax to do 45 arm curls before bed tonight.

We finished up with a little over 2 miles ran and some good exercises.  Kudos to all pax for excellent effort and mumblechatter this morning.  YHC was quite impressed.  Quest even invited me to share the workout with all the other AO’s in the region; which is quite a compliment.  For the time being, we will keep it as an Arena thing, The Ryder Cup is just around the corner.  Held in France this year, YHC sees some excellent opportunities for betterment.

There was no devotion but YHC would encourage all pax to take a moment this evening and remember we have a God that loves us.  Sometimes, our Mighty and Powerful God wants to be told he is loved back.  Take a moment in prayer and don’t ask anything of God.  Just tell him you love him and give the praise that our God deserves. Amen.

See you on Thursday.