• When: 2019-01-22
  • QIC: Nub
  • The PAX: Rabbi, Caboose, Hollywood, Wino, Belding, Pullout, Puck, Urkel, Babe, Shankapotomus-R, Nub

Are we having fun yet???

So when YHC saw on the board that I was up for a slot of leading the betterment to the men at Smokehouse, I immediately got all warm and fuzzy inside.  Warm and fuzzy thoughts remind me of the beach which reminded me its time to get those beach muscles toned up…yep its Calf day!  I asked for pics of the after workout calf flexes to share but I’ll keep them to myself as I don’t want anyone out therer to get jealous.  YHC was pleasantly surprised that there was little to no mumblechatter about doing the same thing over and over again all morning (I mean who complains about such anyway).  Here is what went down.

Conditions: Beach-like 24°

1 min warning



Mosey towards top of campus stopping at the Fine Arts Center for SSH x 21 IC and to wait on one pax who was a little late (he couldn’t find a sock to stuff in his Speedo)

Onward towards the bus entrance where luckily devoted workers were already there getting the buses warmed up, to reward them for being early birds this morning we stopped for a round of Monkey Humpers in the glowing bus lights and finished it off with some Hillbillies (I have a feeling they were smiling at Belding the whole time)

The Thang:

Now at the first light pole we get directions on proper Calf raise form.  Keep them heels off the ground and squeeze it at the top of each raise.  10 regular calf raises at each light pole as we mosey our way down to Hash Hill, are we having fun yet?

At Hash Hill there were 2-30lb dumb bells awaiting. One pax will start farmers carrying or mosey the dumb bells down towards the first speed bump, rest of the pax will complete 20 Flutter Kicks at the top of the hill and then run down to speed bump where another pax will take the dumb bells down to the next speed bump while the remaining pax will do 10 toes-out decline calf raises before heading to next speed bump, at that speed bump another pax take the dumb bells while the rest complete 10 toes-in decline calf raises before heading to the bottom of the hill.  Once at the bottom 5 Merkins then run to the end of the softball field parking lot and back to bottom of hill, 5 more Merkins then start back up the hill with all pax taking turns to carry the dumb bells (if you can wrestle them away from Wino) and also stopping at the speed bumps on the way back up to do Incline toes-in calf raises and incline toes-out calf raises, are we having fun yet? When back at top Rinse and Repeat and Repeat again.  After the 3rd round pax line up for a dumb bell Indian Run back towards the shovel flag.  With weights in tow, pax at front heads out while remaining pax do 10 toes straight calf raises and then the last in line runs to catch the dumb bells (no shortcuts, take the long way around).  With a little time left pax circled up around the fountain (not fountain) and perform Ring of Fire, one pax carrying the dumb bells around the “winter bush” circle while the rest do step ups with an exaggerated toe raise at the top of each rep (now we having fun!)  Once all the pax had gotten a turn carrying the weights and of course when the bush trimming talk had subsided pax moseyed to SF where we had 30 seconds of speed calf raises on the curb and time was called.

Count o rama and half of Name o rama was done by the time YHC retrieved his phone but hold up lets rewind and start that over, why…because Stone Cold Nub said so!

Announcements:  Smoker Friday Gauntlet week, Respond to @F3Rooster if interested in running the Rooster relay in Rock Hill

Prayer requests:  Urkels co-worker who died unexpectedly, Randy Spry and the injured person dealing with aftermath of a terrible car wreck on Saturday

BOM/closing prayer

Tclaps to all the Pax everywhere who did the harder thing this morning in the cold gloom. #ISI