• When: 2019-01-22
  • QIC: DriSoket
  • The PAX: Navy Bean(R), Dozer, Trackhoe, CDV, DriSoket

11s till it hurt

YHC told the men they were just as dumb as he was for getting out in this cold but sure was glad for the company!!! YHC didn’t have much time planning a weinke having to stand in for meter last min but it ended up being a good one!!!

Conditions: 26degrees not below 25 Shine!!!

The Thang: 


No Fngs


Mosey to blockpile and grab a goodun

Circle up for Warm up

SSH x 20ic

TTT x 20ic

Hillbillies x20ic

LBAC F&R x 15ic

OHC x 15ic

Thumbs up x 15ic

Line up on goal line for…

11s start at goal line perform a set of stationary set and plank for the 6 once all done block bear crawl 10yds for another set of 11s and another and another…

11s sets completed were

Curls/TrI Ext


Dec merkin/Inc merkin

BBSU/Am Ham 4ct

Flutter Kick 4ct/Skull crushers

Return blocks mosey back to SF




CAT shirt order


Mgc long run

Prayer Request

Juices FIL

Wells family

Injured Pax


YHC has been thoroughly impressed with CDV over the past couple of BCs y’all watch out for him!!! He’s gonna be a Hard Charger in no time!!!


Yhc challenged the men to watch this short video and report back what they thought of it…