• When: 2019-02-28
  • QIC: Dozer
  • The PAX: SlumLord (Respect), Half Empty, Wild Hog, Inspector Mom, Grave Digger, Meatball, Iron Mary, Fuzzy Navel, Muggy Tape, Mr. Crabs (Respect), Scotch, Honey Boo Boo, Mercy Rule, Cramps, Hoist, Lowcountry Mulligan (Respect), Centerfold, Dozer

A fun(ish) Birthday Homecoming…

Before YHC helped launch F3CAT, you could find him roaming around The Hollow. Nearly 2 years after the CAT AO launch, there was an opportunity to return to the home AO and lead the pax for a birthday Q. Celebrating my 47th trip around the sun, called for reps of 47. It’s worth noting that it was also Fuzzy Navel’s birthday. He lobbied for 27 reps. 27, to be 27 again.

Here’s what went down…at least how I remember it.

*** Conditions: 50 degrees and clear

*** 1 Minute Warning***

*** Disclaimer & Prayer

*** Mosey to front of school near flagpole

*** COP


IW X 15 IC



*** Mosey to stairs in front of Gym

Find a stair. 47 Calf raises toes straight, 47 calf raises toes out, 47 calf raises toes in.

*** Mosey through parking lot, through the fence to the planters behind the baseball stadium.

47 incline merkins on planter

23 dips/ 24 decline merkins on planter

*** Mosey to block pile. Grab a block and head to soccer field.

Line up along sideline. We will do super sets (2 exercises, 47 reps each), sprint from sideline to sideline, 47 squats, then plank on the 6.

Shoulder Press/Curls for the Girls X 47 OYO – Sprint across and back, squats, plank.

Chest Press/Skull Crushers X 47 OYO – Sprint across and back, squats, plank.

Kettle bell swing/LBC X 47 OYO – Sprint across and back, squats, plank.

Forward Lunge X 47, Reverse Lunge X 47 – Sprint across and back, squats, plank.

***Return blocks to block pile.

*** COT

  • Announcements:
  • P200
  • Lexington Race Against Hunger

*** BOM/ Prayer