• When: 2017-09-26
  • QIC: Harp
  • The PAX: Honeybun (Respect), Icarus, Farmer, Steamer, Hoboken, Tridelta, Katniss, Finch, Ground Fault, Woodchipper, Hobby Lobby, KId Sister, 6 Ft Under, Emmy, Oscar, Brainiac, Harp (Q)

Who needs legs for stairs?

YHC had been looking forward to a return Q at snakepit for quite some time as the PAX were so supportive during the long road to recovery from ACL surgery last year.  The growth at the pit over the last year has been amazing and YHC knew he would have to “bring it” for these hard core studs.  The plan was made, and the PAX ramped up to beast mode and got it done.

Conditions: Perfect, 70 and a starry morning

1 minute warning


Opening prayer

Mosey down the BB stairs to the warm up area

All exercises in cadence

  • 15 SSH
  • 15 TTT
  • 15 IW
  • 10 Big manly arms in small circles forward and reverse (other AO’s call these LBACs)

Mosey to the sideline

Partner up

Partner 1 runs across the field and back while partner 2 AMRAP Merkins.  Flapjack and pass your number to your partner.  All pax continue until last team hits 100 Merkins

Alternate runs with Karioke, backpedal

Rinse and repeat with Hindu squats to 200

Mosey to the wide stairs

Triple Nickel

Run up the stairs

  1. 10 Iron crosses
  2. Bearcrawl down 5 flights of stairs
  3. AMRAP Pullups (min 5 even if you need help)
  4. Rinse and repeat, dropping the bearcrawl to 4 flights, etc for 5 rounds

Circle up at the bottom of the wide stairs (only a few minutes left)

1 Pax calls an exercise and runs up the wide stairs and back.  Remaining pax complete the exercise until the runner returns, next pax up calls exercise

exercises were:

  • Merkins
  • LBC’s
  • Burpees



Mosey back to flag


Emmy’s Sister in law back in hospital, caring for newborn

6 Ft mother in law cousin’s cancer

Katniss B-in -law, co worker

Icarus friend car wreck

HB’s M is improving

Those impacted by storms

Brainiac’s M Aunt surgery

Brainiac shots


The stand 10/5

Need Q’s for Snakepit, Stand