• When: 2019-12-05
  • QIC: Keychain
  • The PAX: Dominion, 2 star, Rec, Buttdial (Respect), Twerk, Miranda, Wee Wee, Net Zero, Saget, Keychain

10 Pax Miss a ton of free throws

Many Merkins and then a few Missed Free Throws

YHC planned to get there early and do an early run but did not quite make it. 7 Pax climbed out of bed and got warmed up before YHC arrived. Upon arrival AO was dark with a few blinking vests in the distance. Checked out setup and then placed props in location for later workout.

Conditions: 42 degrees with clear skies
Disclaimer, Prayer


LBAC F & R X 20 IC keep arms up

The Thang:
Mosey to first lightpole
Start at 1st light pole – 5 Jump Squats, 2nd light pole – 10 JS, 3rd light pole – 15 JS, Stop Sign – 20 JS
Rinse and Repeat back to 1st light pole
Start at 1st light pole – 5 Hand Release Merkins, 2nd light pole – 10 HRM, 3rd light pole – 15 HRM, Stop Sign – 20 HRM
Rinse and Repeat but skip 1st set of 5 HRM. (PAX looking worn out, including YHC)
Mosey to front of school
First light pole – 5 Inclined Merkins, 2nd light pole – 10 IM, 3rd light pole – 15 IM, 4th light pole – 20 IM
Take trek back.
First light pole – 5 declined Merkins, 2nd light pole – 10 DM, 3rd light pole – 15 DM, 4th light pole – 20 DM
Mosey to block pile and carry to basketball court
20 BBS then run to opposite side of court, 20 LBC then run back to other side of court
10 Block Swings then Elephant Carry block to other side of court, 10 Curls
20 Dips then overhead carry to opposite side of court
20 Step ups then run to other side of court, 5 Merkins
Mosey to Basketball goal
Light was put under rim to give PAX opportunity to make some Free Throws.
Each PAX is to shoot a free throw (If you miss, you do 3 Burpees; If you make, everyone else does 3 Burpees and you run to opposite court and run back)

After a few air balls were thrown, decided to make everyone do 10 Burpees for an air ball.

Everyone was complaining about light affecting shot so YHC held it aimed at backboard.

Did this for about 8 minutes then called it quits (Final tally: 24 shots, 2 makes, 22 misses (6 air balls)) – Not so good shooting percentage

Return blocks then mosey to shovel flag


F3/FIA Christmas Party 12/14 – Make sure you vote
Still need 1 more for P200 Surge team
Prayer Requests:
ButtDial’s daughter Lily – broken leg still not healing properly – followup with doctor and surgery on 12/6
Family of Colton Williams – 9 yr old killed in hunting accident
BOM w/ devo prayer.
Two Star’s workout on Tuesday asked us to magnify our blessings not our disappointments. As YHC drove home was reminded of all the people in my life who have led me to the Lord. My friends grandparents were there for me to make sure I made it church and knew more about Jesus.
Verse John 15: 5-12
Jesus is the vine and we are the branches. We daily encounter things in life that pull us away from our “closeness” to Him. Remember to always put Him in the center of everything we do. He will guide us and help us bear fruit.
Closing Prayer