• When: 2018-01-16
  • QIC: Bellhop
  • The PAX: Plan B, Spano, Metermaid, Tory, El Guapo, Shakespeare, Olive Oil, TNT, Bellhop

You want steps? Foxhole has the steps.

One of YHC’s ambitions/goals this year is to get around and spend more time at the other AOs in @F3LakeMurray.  I love coming to Foxhole not only because of the pax, but because the facilities enable many variations on the theme when it comes to an F3 workout.  One of the key features at Foxhole is the big staircase between the baseball field and the main buildings.  It was YHC’s plan to make the most of them at his Q.  And away we go ….

Welcome and Disclaimer


SSH, IC, 25x

Overhead Arm Claps, IC, 25x

Front Arm Claps, IC, 25x

Little Arm Circles, IC, 25x

TTT, IC, 25x

Mosey to the Practice Field

The Thang

Grab a block, cruise on over the to the base of the staircase via the practice field.

The thang is to do the exercise, focusing on form, and then do a lap on the staircase, all the while staying together exercise to exercise and planking on the 6.  The ambition was to 15 different exercises.  We got through 12 during our time together, which wasn’t too shabby.

  • Curls for the girls (with the block), 25x
  • Merkins, 25x
  • Benchpresses (with the block), 25x
  • LBCs, 25x
  • Bent over rows (with the block), 25x
  • Iron crosses, 25x
  • Overheads (with the block), 25x
  • Mountain climbers, 25x
  • Merkins (on the block), 25x
  • Big boys, 25x
  • Curls for the girls, 25x
  • Hello Dollies, 25x

Note: Those stairs got hard/long/etc after about the 5th trip.  Accordingly, work was done.

Back to the blocks.  Back to the shovel flag.





YHC was delighted to see TNT at the workout.  He’s been activated with the National Guard and is working in Charleston these days.  We were glad to have the chance to work out with him in the gloom once again.