• When: 2018-02-13
  • QIC: Slate
  • The PAX: Smithers, Lap Dog, Knot, Skunky, Matchbox, Webber, A1A, Slate

Would Uncle Rico have hated this?

Conditions: 46 degrees and windy

The Thang:
Little Arm Circles x 10 IC

Mosey to the Middle School where the drop off line sets two curbs about 30 feet apart.
bear crawl to other side, 10 incline merkins on curb
backwards bear crawl to starting side, 9 decline merkins on curb
Repeat until down to 1 merkin

side lunge to curb, 10 uneven squats with one foot on curb
side lunge back, 9 uneven squats with one foot on curb
Repeat until down to 1 squat

forward crab walk to far curb, 10 dirty girls with feet on the curb
backward crab walk to start, 9 dips on the curb
Repeat until 1 dip

Somewhere around this point the comment was made that Uncle Rico would have hated this workout. Given that he was selflessly serving other PAX at Foxhole, the world may never know.

Mosey to the back corner of the bottom parking lot.
Run to first island, 5 burpees then run back to start
Run to second island, 5 burpees then back to start
Repeat until all islands are done

Partner up for wheelbarrow across the parking lot then switch to return
Lunge walk across parking lot

Mosey to the pull up bars
10 pull ups and 10 knee ups. Plank while waiting on turns

Mosey to the shovel flag for Mary
Russian Twist x 20 IC
LBC x 20 IC
Ray Charles x 20 IC
Iron Cross x 20 OYO

Great work by all pax. It’s an honor to work next to these men. I’m thankful we have each other to keep pushing forward and working together to become better men.