• When: 2019-04-04
  • QIC: Skunky & Butterbean
  • The PAX: Smitheru, Knotu, Magoou, Uncle Ricu, Inspector Gadgetu, Lap Dogu, Hokie Poku, Jazz Handu

Truck Pullin’, Tire Draggin’ Spartans

10 well rounded pax (that’s not a fat joke) showed up to prepare for our big weekend. Except the beer mile, we didn’t do anything for that.

Weather was upper 40’s and perfect.

The Thang:

Warm up:
BB Led pax
SSH x 30
TTT x 20
Little Arm circles F/BW each x 10 IC
10 burpees OYO

All pax grabbed a block
Split into 3 teams

One team performed dead-hangs from the bars until they could hang no more. Then swap with the others holding their blocks overhead.

Other team performed a tire drag down the parking lot and brought it back.

3rd team practiced pulling BB’s truck up the hill – a couple teams did this twice to let the “driver” get a chance to feel the burn.

Then it was Skunku’s turn to do some Spartan training:
Shake out the legs with a short lap a-la-Hokie Pokie with burpees at each light pole.
First pax starts with a pull-up followed by a burpee, next bar, burpee, last bar, burpee until all are done.
Grab block, carry to the far end of the parking lot, set it down and bear crawl up and crawl bear down x 4.
Grab you block and Cusak back to the block pile.
Stand in a circle facing outward which was oddly, very difficult for some pax, but not surprising. Holding the coupon (52lb keg) upright, pass it to your right 4 times, then the same to the left.

Wrapped up with some Mary:
Ray Charles x 30
Flutters x a lot
High/Low planks with some left/right hands up.
Finished off with some OHAC’s to loosen those shoulders up.
Good work gents.

Recover, recover.

Announcements: Firetruck pull Saturday starts at 10 so be there a least a little before that. Spartan Sprint on Sunday – Slate (MIA), BB and Skunky already going. Prayers for Brittan as he gets a scan today.