• When: 2017-09-23
  • QIC: Bellhop (XL and Handball)
  • The PAX: A1A (XL), Arrears (XL), Pothole (XL), Metermaid, JD, Stewardess, Lockbox, Enos, Lumberg, Lapdog, Fungi, Knot, Lunch Lady, Teen Wolf, Paint Chip, Moonshine, Chicken, Shakespeare, Hamburglar, Gerrymander, Bellhop (XL).

The Saturday Depot Tradition: Handball + Some XL

21 pax made it out to Depot this AM for the thing we all look forward to during the week: Handball.  Extra credit given to the 4 pax that made it out for XL PT at 0600.  There was something for everybody at Depot this morning.


Purportedly in the 60s, but it seemed warmer.  Humid.  Dry.

XL (0600)


Overhead arm claps, in cadence, 20x;

Front arm claps, in cadence, 20x;

Overhead arm claps, in cadence, 20x;

Front arm claps, in cadence, 20x;

Big boys, OYO, 20x;

Merkins, OYO, 20x; and

LBCs, in cadence, 20x.

The Thang

Mosey to the blockpile, grab 2 blocks.

Our salute to the GORUCK Selection this morning: Farmers carry, along the track and back, 175-sh yards.  Then, double block carry on shoulders, along the track and back, 175-sh yards.

Cool down (i.e, not using arm/carrying anything) lap around the track.

Get back with the blocks, 4 exercises, 20x, staying together exercise to exercise:

-Bench presses;

-Bent-over rows;

-Curls for the girls; and


Rinse and repeat.

Put up blocks and mosey back to the parking lot.  Endex and assemble with other pax for handball.

Handball (0630)


Overhead arm claps, in cadence, 20x;

Front claps, in cadence, 20x;

Overhead arm claps, in cadence, 20x.

Mosey to the Paintchip Lord Baden-Powell of F3Handball Field.

Count off by 2s.

Pays to be the winner: Relay race up and back the length of the field.  1s win (though YHC believes the 2s had one extra, but that’s life).

2s: 20 burpees. 1s 10 burpees.

1s pick Red.  2s get Yellow.

The Thang


Game 1 (0645-0705) (without the dribble, no defense in the box): Yellow 5, Red 4

Game 2 (0705-0725) (with the dribble, 3 second rule) Red 4, Yellow 2

There’s a reason why I can’t wait for every Saturday morning.  Excellent play this morning.  After 30+ weeks of handball, there are some athletes out there, veterans and newcomers alike.

YHC will be publishing a (suggested) guide/rules soon.  Want to keep things simple, but keep everyone on the same page.  The default is to keep the game moving with ample scoring (but not too much scoring – this isn’t basketball).



-Arrears and his M brought a new baby girl, Charlotte, into the world yesterday.  We give thanks to God for their new addition.  She will bring them much joy and love all the days of their lives.  As a side note, Arrears is apparently married to the coolest M ever.  He was there for XL and handball this morning.

-With the addition of another 9 man team on Friday, we have nearly 50 @F3LakeMurray pax running the 2018 Palmetto 200.  Tclaps to those who have stepped up and joined a team.  If you have not joined a team yet and still want to run, please let be know by DMing me at @cstegmaier, emailing me at [email protected], or calling/texting me at 803-467-9699.  We can get another team together if there is enough interest or place you as an alternative.  Invariably, between now and March, there will be a need for a substitution.  Look for the backblast later today, providing full detail about timeframes, registration, etc.  To get the benefit of the best discount, you/your team needs to be registered by the end of September.

-Look for opportunities outside of workouts such as the multitude of run groups, F3Clash, and F3LakeMurray Rucking.  Watch Twitter for details.


-We lift up Jeremy Coulter, a neighbor and high school classmate of YHC, who is deploying with the National Guard this week for Afghanistan.  We recognize and give thanks for those like Jeremy who volunteer to stand in the breach.  Irrespective of MOS, whether they are warfighters or providing support, these marines, sailors, soldiers, and guardsmen of ours have sacrificed a great deal for the benefit of many people these last 17 years.

Depart for Coffeteria @ Chick-Fil-A (6 pax): Great conversation about Selection, GORUCK, managing your childrens’ extracurricular interests, improving workouts by improving and focusing on form.  If you missed Coffeteria this AM, you missed out.


One of the reasons why I joined F3 in October 2015 was what I witnessed in the way of a response by the F3Midlands pax to the 2015 historic floods.  It was inspiring.  It’s easy to get involved with a group that is so outward facing when it comes to community service.

I have always been a joiner and a volunteer.  So, the 3rd F has always resonated with me.  To that end, I recently sought and received a commission in the South Carolina State Guard.  The state guard is a component of the South Carolina Military Department, a state agency and under the command of the governor.  Its mission is to serve as a force multiplier for the National Guard (i.e., a reserve) in times of state emergency.    I am assigned to the Division JAG detachment, which is tasked to support the National Guard JAG, as well as a serve as source of legal advice to first responders, law enforcement, etc during emergencies.

I had gone fairly far in the selection process for the Marine Corps JAG during my third year of law school (my father had served in the 2nd Marines as a platoon commander, so it was in the blood growing up), but was offered an appellate clerkship at the Court of Appeals first, which I took.  Because of a graduate degree in public health administration I have, I had an age exemption for the Navy Reserves, which I attempted to pursue last summer; however, they did not have a slot for me in the South.  So, I found the state guard.  I’ve been to drill twice since commissioning and I am glad I joined.  It’s not Guadalcanal or Iraq, but I’d like to think it can be a meaningful contribution to the state, especially if there is an emergency or crisis.  F3 and the 3rd F reignited my desire to serve where I could.  I heard this yesterday: “Volunteerism is what made America great to begin with and will make America great again if we rediscover it.”  Think about the 3rd F and do what you can do to serve your neighbor.

I tell people that things like focusing on accountability, becoming better, more spiritual men, and looking for ways to serve our community’s needs are the real gems of F3 membership.  The merkins and burpees, while extremely important and intergral, are arguably ancillary to the real growth you realize while being involved with this excellent group of men.