• When: 2017-08-10
  • QIC: Carville
  • The PAX: Road Rage, See Alice, Revco, Mater (respect), Flux, Reload, Carville

The Magnificent Seven Block and Tire Party

Conditions: 75 and humid

The Thang:

1. Run to grassy knoll:



20 LBC

20 LAC (10 forward, 10 reverse)

2. Run to lower block pile. Do exercise run to top of hill and do 20 lbc and run back

1. Overhead press

2. chest press

3. Curls

4. Triceps

Second round, just do blocks, no run in between

3. Mosey to tires

Tire flips to second light poll and back

Round 1: Flip twice, two burpees, then back in line and 5 big boys between flips on way back

Round 2: Flip twice, five merkins between flips, then 5 squats on way back

4. Mary


Overhead arms claps


5. Announcements

Solar run at Saluda Shoals August 20th – Contact Howler if interested

Happy Hour Tipsy Toad – if you’re interested let guys know since many will be out due to camping

6. Prayers – Stirrups, Mater, Elvis, Carpool and the VC Summer families

7. Devo: After the “fire and fury”comments a noted Pastor said something like “God has given Trump authority to take out Kim Jong Un.” When I see this stuff in other countries from holy men (e.g. the U.S. is the great Satan), I think they are insane. Also, it goes against what I know of the bible. Simplistically, thou shalt not kill. There is just war, of course ( as a former Catholic I am well acquainted with the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas). But more fundamentally, based on what I have been taught, it is the height of arrogance for anyone, even a Pastor, to claim with such certainty to know God’s will about such specific human acts. Man cannot easily discern God’s will. If I knew more of the bible I am sure I could find a verse to support that! We need to be skeptical of these types of statements when we see them and skeptical of the people offering them.