• When: 2018-09-19
  • QIC: Dunphy
  • The PAX: Sharknado, GED (Respect), Olive Oil, Cheers, Ponzi, Lego, Dunpy

Taco Tuesday Aftermath – BlameDunphy VQ

Weather – Dry and 70s


Happy Hillbilly

Wrist Rotations 20 IC Right/Left

Around the World 20 IC Clockwise/CounterClock

The Thang

Each Set per Song 10 reps. (10 per side/rotation)

Kettle Swing


Merkin w/ One Arm Row

Set 2
Kettle Swing Single Arm Curl Right/Left

Rack and Hold Right and Left

Overhead Tricep Extension

High Pull – Kettle Swing and pull in and out at shoulder height.

Australian Burpee w/ shoulder press

Rack / shoulder press Right and Left

Set 4
Lunge and Rotation

Single Leg Deadlift


Rinse and Repeat (5 reps)

Strong work by the pax this morning for YHC Anchor VQ. YHC had to do some extra homework on YouTube for this Q. COBAINS no man touching or sand was involved in the wenkie this time (expect the weirdness on the next one.) Like a first date, YHC didn’t want to expose all of the Dunphy weirdness on this VQ. Welcome Lego for trying out Anchor. The junk yard weights continue with the the 20lb chopping board/tv dinner tray brought by Lego. Lego did the harder thing with GEDs 45 lbs.er. Next stop is Walmart for Lego to do some kettlebell shopping. It was evident in the AIR that everyone enjoyed all you can eat TACO TUESDAY night. Butt trumpets were tooting throughout the workout. YHC enjoyed the good fellowship, tunes, and sweat. Tunes were best of AC/DC.

Mentors Needed – Contact Ken Doll if you can spare 30 minutes a week
Moist and KenDoll collecting for a relief supply run to the low country.
9/21 Reaper 4 year Anniversary
9/20 Wear your F3 gear and show support at 7 Oaks Special Needs baseball team 6-7:30am
9/22 – Smokehouse Event
Coming in October – Cryptonite CSAUP “4000 ways to F-Up 10 miles”
11/3 – Operation Enduring Warrior City Ruck Tour – 11am – Police officers are free
11/10 – Cheech 10k
11/17 – Hairy Bison
12/1 – The Wildcat
12/8 – Lexington Brew Ruck Children’s Hospital Ruck (about 10 miles)
12/14 Christmas Party

Folks still recovering from Hurricane Florence
Aim High and Fiji Ms
Injured Pax – Taurasi, JJ,Pebble, Chowda,
Lego’s friend