• When: 2018-12-20
  • QIC: Bellhop
  • The PAX: Enos, Aim High, Convoy, Hoser, Smokey, Stones, Hall Pass, Loose Screw, Rated R, Bellhop

Strut Makes It Happen In The Rain: Thursday, December 20, 2018

10 pax posted up at Strut this morning and got some work done irrespective of the rain.  Several pax posted up before the WO for Rockpile at 0500 to discuss the Christmas Story.

This was YHC’s first non-convergence post at Strut and was my first Q at this AO.  Thanks for making me feel so welcome.


High 40s, rainy (heavy at times, particularly toward the end of our session)

COP/The Thang

YHC initial idea to take the pax to the lower fields to being the COT and the WO; however, once we got down there, we called an audible and headed back to the tennis courts.  Conditions on the fields were soupy.

At the tennis courts:

SSH (15x) (IC)

1 burpee (OYO)

TTT (15x) (IC)

2 burpees (OYO)

Overhead arm claps (15x) (IC)

3 burpees (OYO)

Little arm circles (15x) (IC)

4 burpees (OYO)

Imperial Walkers (15x) (IC)

5 burpees (OYO)

20 Big Boys (OYO)

Move over to the corner of the tennis court area closest to the parking lot: Time for the Pothole Relay.

Start at corner one, do 10 merkins.

Run to corner two (approx. 75 yds away), do 15 merkins, run back to corner one.

Run to corner 3, do 20 merkins, run back to corner 1.

Run to corner 4, do 25 merkins, run back to corner 1.  Recover.

Pax reassemble on one tennis court, split up the pax so that one group is on one half of a court with other group on the other half.  Do deep knee walking lunges around the parameter of each groups half of the tennis court.

20 Big Boys (OYO)

Pax reassemble and line up side by side, facing three sets of tennis courts in front of them.  Time for suicides.  Run to the boundary of each court and do 10 mountain climbers (single county) and run back.  50 mountain climbers in total.

Reassemble, 20 Big Boys (OYO)

Rinse and repeat, this time do plankjacks.  50 plankjacks in total.

Reassemble.  20 Big Boys (OYO)

Run back to the original corner where we started the Pothole Relay. Time for Mary.

Flutters (15x) (OYO)

LBCs (15x) (OYO)

Hello Dollys (15x) (OYO)

20 Big Boys (OYO)


-Nativity Ruck, Lexington, 0500, Christmas Eve.  Check Twitter for more detail.

-The Biscuit Ruck, Ballentine, 0515, Friday.

-Prayers for Digits and her family; Ron (a solider in Aim High’s command); Brian (a cousin of Aim High dealing with an injury from a fall)