• When: 2018-12-20
  • QIC: Nub
  • The PAX: Rabbi, Urkel, T&G, Happy Trees, Cootie, Hollywood, Matlock, Wino, Babe, Nub

Shine Light Shine


Pax circled around flag and started with praying The Lord’s Prayer.

A few weeks ago while looking at the Q sheet I’m pretty sure The Smoker was on tap one last time before the end of 2018 and somehow it disappeared, well I couldn’t fathom going into 2019 without the lingering effects of a good ole Smoker run and since its one of the few things we do at Smokehouse with full glorious lights I simply put Christmas lights on the sheet.  However, as circumstances of this week have transpired with the loss of Digits, I reflected on maybe something to say or something to do but quickly realized that spoken words so often get lost in translation in different people so as we gathered this morning i simply asked for all to try and reflect on the events of the week and the events of the coming week while pushing through The Smoker.

I did add a twist as this running of The Smoker would be with a sledgehammer in hand the whole time.  I wanted the pax to feel the extra burden so as to remember the burden of the cross that as our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ bore for all us sinners.  In this Christmas season, we rejoice in the celebration of his birth but should remember that though he was born and shined his light to all during his time on earth, ultimately he was born to bear all sins and die for us so that we may be wiped clean of our sins as long as we trust and believe in him.  Thank you Lord Jesus.

As so many are, we at Smokehouse prayed after we finished for Digits family and all those affected by her passing knowing that for those close to her, the light may seem dim at this time but through God’s grace and healing power may the light soon shine bright again.

BOM/Closing prayer-(Rabbi led)