• When: 09/02/14
  • QIC: Field Goal
  • The PAX: Ponzi, Harp, Spirit Fingers, Julep, Estrada, Donatello, Lemon, Chinstrap, Farmer, Flip Flop, Sunset, River Dance, Snake, Pack, and (FNG) Sparky.

“Snake Pit” Beatdown

16 Pax including one FNG entered the Gloom this morning, not knowing what they had in store for them…..

Conditions 72 Degrees with 83% Humidity

The Thang; Disclaimer


SSH – 15 IC

IW – 15 IC

TTT – 15 IC

LBC – 15 IC

Arm Circles – 10 IC both sides

Mountain Climbers – 15 IC (hold plank)

Peter Parker’s – 15 IC (hold plank)

Parker Peters – 15 IC


Count off by 2s (1s) run first 2s do the exercises

Mosey to track for 2 laps 20 Merkins 20 plank Jacks 20 Squats in each corner OYO


Mosey to Field Goal burpee broad jumps to 1st light pole, prisoner lunge back


Mosey to the Stairs……

1s Stairs – suicides 1st landing down 10 Merkins 2nd landing 10 Merkins etc.(total of 6 due to time)

2s dying cockroach (20) BBSU (20) Mountain Climber (20) Switch when done.


Announcements; Mud Run Oct 4; GO RUCK is Nov. 21st , Welcome FNG Sparky, Chandler Kelley (hope I got that right)18 years old, Pack’s son.   WELCOME TO THE GLOOM!!!!!



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