• When: 2019-11-14
  • QIC: Tory
  • The PAX: MeterMaid, Lunch Lady, Plan B, Queenie, Shakespeare, YHC.

Shoulders, and Shoulders, and Shoulders, OH MY!

6 Pax showed up at Foxhole this morning in hopes of getting a little better – this was YHC’s 2nd Q of the week – you’re welcome Foxholer’s!  YHC and MeterMaid brought some tools for the PAX to enjoy this morning.  More to follow 🙂

Conditions: 32 degrees with 65% humidity – cool to start but all Pax warmed up pretty quick.


SSH x 20

TTT x 20

Windmill x 20

LAC x 10 (forwards and backwards)


YHC has been using the Brute Force app lately and learning to throw around a weighted sandbag.  Yes, it sucks as bad as it sounds.  However, I’ve noticed my strength and endurance getting better, so I thought to myself that the Pax at Foxhole would appreciate it too.  Here’s what went down.

Grab a Partner

Tory/MeterMaid – Queenie/Plan Bizzle – Lunchlady/Shakespeare

Each group grab a sandbag – 35#, 40#, or 50# (no one wanted the 60#??)

Each group completes 100 Shoulder Slams (pick up sandbag, put on shoulder, slam bag down).  While partner 1 is slamming, partner 2 is running to the 2nd island.

Next we move into Sandbag High Pulls – complete 200 pulls.  While partner 1 is pulling, partner 2 is LBC’ing.

This third round we are completing 300 overhead presses with the sandbag.  Partner 1 is pressing, partner 2 is completing toe-taps on the curb.

Lastly, we complete 4 Around The Worlds with the sandbag while our partner is running to the 2nd island.


Announcements/Prayers:  Prayers for Queenies mom having surgery next week.  After Christmas Party January 11.


QMVOD (Queenies Moms Verse of the Day): 

Jesus replied, “But even more blessed are all who hear the word of God and put it into practice.”