• When: 2019-12-03
  • QIC: Devito
  • The PAX: Moose, Darla, Laettner, Penny, EZ Bake, Speedo (R), Phonebooth, Fools Gold, Lumbergh (Dino Charge), Chubbs, STH, Bellhop, Buddy Love, YHC

Repetitive Trauma…… Again

Weather: 31 Degrees, Winds out of the southwest at 3mph, Dew Point of 26 degrees, Humidity of 82% and visibility of 10 miles (not enough to see the Dinosaurs, Lumbergh was sad he couldn’t see his father….)

1 Minute Warning was given 59 seconds late….. Disclaimer was given, despite some PAX who listen as good as my kids…. Modify as Needed, Do what you can do

Warm Up:

  • SSH x 20 (IC)
  • Imperial Walker x 10 (IC)
  • Burpees – 5 OYO

Are you Warm?  I’m Warm…. well getting there…. Shall we proceed?  Wait, did Lumbergh just enlighten us that a T-Rex was closer to impregnating a human rather than another dinosaur due to the age gap?  Is that what I just heard… please lets proceed faster… Age is just a number by the way, its how you feel on the inside that matters…

2 Lines – Time to honor the slowest Native American’s with a run in their honor to the Depot summit, at an elevation of 410 ft above sea level, you can see the full beauty of Depot from this vantage point…. That being said, there is a reason we don’t go too fast….. the thin air can lead to health issues.  Nice is steady does it

Now we have reached the peak of the mountainous terrain, via shotty service roads and switch backs (or a straight road), its time to get right…..


  • 10 Merkins
  • 10 Big Boys
  • 10 Werkins (Wide Arm Merkins for those working out at home)
  • 10 Iron Crosses
  • 10 Derkins (diamond merkins)
  • 10 LBC’s

Arm Circles on the 6 (we are all Goose)

Mosey to the intersection de Depot, watch for cars, depot is always busy this time of day…. no traffic at this time… proceed with another round of the same 6 exercises…. same reps….. but wait, curve ball!  Overhead Arm Claps on the 6!

Mosey to the corner of the road – one path takes you to the allure that is the nice soccer fields, or up the hill back to the gloomiest parking lot in all the land, which has lots of sand, but unfortunately no band…. I’m a poet and I didnt know it…

Guess what we do here?!?!  Same 6 exercises, same reps…. but wait, there’s more!  This time…… we do some hillbilly’s on the 6.  Personal favorite of Goose.

Now mosey to the aforementioned parking lot, where, as you might have guessed…. same 6 exercises, 10 reps each…. when you finish grab a block (one lucky contestant won the deal of the day with a personal experience with Chippy!  Congrats Penny!)

Groups of 3 (one group of 4….because math)

Split Groups up across parking lot

While one PAX traverses the sacred lot via method prescribed by YHC, remaining PAX knock out AMRAP of the following, when traveling PAX reaches you, switch…..

  • Pax 1 Bear Crawl
  • Pax 2 Curls
  • Pax 3 Big Boys

Each Pax was fortunate enough to Bear Crawl across the lot twice….. maybe more

Same methodology, different exercises…. because……

  • Pax 1 – Lunge Walk across the vast charcoal colored ocean of the lot
  • Pax 2 – Shoulder Press
  • Pax 3 – Chest Press

Exercises were stopped after each PAX traversed at least 2 times

Now some PAX were concerned that we retrieved more blocks than were necessary, YHC quelled those fears as we all took our beloved blokes (blocks translated into british) to the newly built yet hardly used pull up and dip bars at Depot.  YHC even had enough forethought to reach out to brother Bellhop to request he bring the assistance bands, which were purchased a couple score ago it seems, yet also were still holding onto their V-card…. can i say that here?  Well I did….

Now that we’ve made the trek to our new addition

  • 10 Pull-Ups (with or without assistance bands – because I care)
  • 10 Dips
  • 20 Curls
  • 20 American Hammers (Or Russian Twists for our communist PAX)

AMRAP – Seemed to be a lot of standing around watching during this portion…. maybe it was the shiny new toy?

Blocks up – to the lot for some Mary

  • American Hammers x 25 IC

Take a break in the middle of Mary for Laettner to start his vehicle so its warm for him after COT…. never seen this move before, maybe a pro move, maybe not so pro, we will see how history remembers him…. Maybe he had to “puff” as my mom used to say, and he is such a gentleman that he disguised the need to pass gas by politely depositing last nights chalupa in the front seat of his car?  We may never know…..

  • Mountain Climbers x 10 IC
  • Hello Dolly x 10 IC
  • Flutter Kicks x 10 IC

Recover Recover


Vote for Superlatives on Depot Survey

2nd F Opportunities

  • Lunch Wednesday 12/4 at Steve’s Classic Burgers – 612 St. Andrews Road
  • Happy Hour 12/5 – Chapala Mexican Restaurant – 7001 St Andrews Road