• When: 2018-11-20
  • QIC: Plan B
  • The PAX: Depends, Tory, Meter Maid, Spano, Perdue, Plan B

Plan B is turning 5! Wait… that’s gotta be an oxymoron or something, right?

I need some help.  I can’t remember the words to that song from that movie your mom used to watch every year around Christmas… How does it go?

“The hillllllls are aliiiiive, with the sound of…”

  • Depends talking incessantly? No, that’s not it.
  • Spano cussing the extra burpees he earned for airmailing the backboard on a free throw attempt?  No, still off.
  • Meter Maid reliving the Marine Corps Marathon… again as he admires Tory’s super cute, ladies fit, mock turtle neck race shirt… No, that’s not right either.
  • Perdue “winning” the long drive with a pitching wedge at Top Golf Foxhole’s closest to the pin contest? Nope… still not it.

Oh well… Regardless, Foxhole was alive with those sounds and many more this morning as we took a tour of some of Plan B’s 5 favorite boot campy things in honor of his 5 years in The Gloom. I figured this might be a better plan than making the pax do 60 reps of everything, or try to make the total number of reps for the morning equal whatever-the-hell 365 x 5 comes out to (which sounds freakin’ miserable, by the way). So instead we hit some of my favorites… Stairs, Hills, Games, Races, and a good ol’ shoulder scorcher.

It was fun, but it was also a pretty good beat down. Great job across the board this morning… minus some of the throws, shots, and swings.

Here’s how things went down:


  • 54 and not so gloomy.


Disclaimer & Warmup:

  • SSH x 20
  • TTT x 10
  • Plank Jacks x 15
  • Windmill x 10
  • Mountain Climber x 15
  • Junk in the Dirt x 30 sec.
  • Merkins x 10
  • Indian run to Big Stairs

5 Years = 5 Favorites of Foxhole:

  1. The Big Stairs
    • Stair suicides, turn around at every platform
  2. Hills in Reverse
    • Backpedal from crosswalk to iron gate x 10
  3. Fun and Games
    • Hoop Dreams
      • Each pax takes a free throw
      • Make it = 10 burpees
      • Miss it = 25 burpees
    • The Bake Jently Drill
      • throw the football through the hula hoop from 15 yards
      • Make it = 20 Merkins
      • Miss it = 40 Merkins
    • Topgolf Foxhole
      • Use wedge to chip ball over covered walkway to the island (and hold)
      • stick it = 25 monkey humpers
      • miss it = 50 monkey humpers
  4. Relay Races (Bus loop at basketball goals)
    • Sprints 
      • 1 pax at a time, full lap around bus loop
      • Merkins while you wait your turn.
    • Bear Crawl 
      • 1 pax at a time across island & sprint back
      • Ray Charles while you wait.
    • Broad Jump 
      • Broad jump across median, sprint around 1/2 track
      • First team with everyone planking wins
  5. Shoulder Scorcher 
      • Little arm circles x 15 IC (both ways)
      • Overhead arm clap x 15 IC
      • Front arm clap x 15 IC
      • Raise the roof x 15 IC
      • Turkish Night Clubs x 15 IC

To The Flag:

  • Count it off


  • Thanksgiving Morning, boot camp at 6:00 – Bellhop on the Q
  • Praise and thanksgiving for negative results from biopsy for Depends.  The power of prayer can do awesome things!  Very glad to hear this news and hope it brings peace and comfort to Depends and his family.  They’re good people!
  • Prayer requests for Hampton Shultz (local boy with cancer)
  • Prayers for Spano, his M, and the new little one.

 – DEVO –

Proverbs 17:17

“A friend loves you at all times, but a brother carries you in times of trouble.”

No truer words have ever been said. The guys of F3LM and Foxhole have exemplified this time and time again over the last 5 years. Whether it’s something as trivial as getting out of bed for a workout, or hanging with the 6 on the struggle bus, or something more serious like sick kids, poor health, awaiting test results, deaths, or job changes, this group has been strong and steady for me and others. There is huge comfort in having something or someone you can always depend on.  Even if we get together for a boot camp and don’t speak a word of our troubles, there is healing taking place in the simple act of togetherness.

It’s been a lot of fun, but it’s also been a responsibility, a good swift kick in the pants, a voice of reason, and even a burden at times.  Beyond that, this whole F3 thing continues to be a community and a source of comfort.  We have grown to know each other pretty well, and even when its only for a few minutes at a boot camp, it’s pretty awesome to feel “at home” with a group of guys who in the end, are just like you.

Thanks to all the Foxhole regulars… Keep pushing me and helping me and I’ll do the same for you.

To our other Lake Murray AOs, especially the #MenOfDepot, thanks for the push. As much as I enjoy giving you ladies a hard time, it’s all in good fun! Everyone loves Depot… That place started it all for many of us who have adopted other home AOs as the region has grown.

So here’s to 5 more years of boot camps, friends, personal growth, good GIFs on Twitter, and maybe even dropping a pants size or two along the way.

Almost sincerely,

Your favorite emergency contraceptive (Plan B)

PS –