• When: 2020-01-24
  • QIC: Pinot
  • The PAX: Olive Oil, Watergate, Dance Off, Sweet Tart, Steel Toe, Pinot

Misty Fútbol Morning at Clash

While the forecast called for 45 degrees and 90% chance of rain, many PAX chose to stay in their comfy beds this morning.  6 dedicated PAX did venture out for a competitive game of 3 v 3 fútbol on a slightly truncated field.  We did not pick teams the typical way by counting off, but instead went with the playground rules of 2 captains (Sweet Tart and Dance Off) picking their team mates.

It ended up being a game that went down to the wire, with team Sweet Tart pulling it out in the final minute for a 13-12 final.

The top 5 moments from the morning are as follows:

  1. Due to playing 3 v 3, YHC elected to modify the rules slightly.  Instead of being able to score from anywhere, the ball had to be shot from within 10 yards of the goal.  I believe the final count was 3 goals that got taken away from team Dance Off due to shooting from beyond the 10.  Steel Toe on the other hand, just learned to shoot from closer to the side lines to maintain enough distance to boot it in with authority.
  2. The goal we moved to set the field length was claimed to be slightly off center.  This was another point of contention where some on the field claimed that the final score would have been different if the goal was straight.  We did decide to switch sides at halftime, after enjoying our orange slices and juice boxes.
  3. As the game went on, you could tell we were getting more tired.  Watergate used this as his reasoning after he got an easy goal.  He claims that he wasn’t meaning to cherry pick, just was too tired to run back.  Sweet Tart must have like that logic, because shortly after he was the beneficiary of a cherry picking goal as well.
  4. Dance Off has apparently been working on his moves.  He had one drive where YHC was defending him, he kicked the ball into the back of my legs, got me disoriented just enough to maintain the possession on the other side, successfully getting past the defender for the shot opportunity.
  5. Finally I think this was a first where all PAX scored a goal.  I know for certain that everyone on my team scored on the real goals, but I wasn’t sure about Olive Oil.  I know he got credit for -0.25 of a goal by being the defender that made it in the side net, but I think he had another goal later to bring him back into the positive.

Count a Rama, name a Rama

Prayer request – Olive Oil girl from his sons T-ball team diagnosed with leukemia.  Brother Si preparing for a trip to Greece to minister to refugees.  Dance Off’s M going for a follow up in 2 weeks.

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