• When: 2017-11-16
  • QIC: Carville
  • The PAX: Howler, Road Rage, Holy Water (respect), Beaker, Flux, Hall Pass, Bag Boy, See Saw, Stirrups (respect), Rudy, Carville

Let me stand next to your tire!

Conditions: 37 degrees of crisp awesomeness

The Thang:

  1. Run to Grassy Knoll




20 LAC (10 forward, 10 reverse) IC

  1. Indian run to block pile, get block and divide into groups of three or four

Farmer carry relay – one team member farmer carries to light and back

Next person runs, etc.

Various exercises (merkings, squats, lbc) while waiting turn to run

Rinse and repeat a couple of times

Return blocks

  1. Mosey to “truck stop”

Each group grab a tire, for tire relay

Round 1 – two flips, run to end and back in line

Round 2 – two flips, two burpees and back in line

Round 3 – two flips and five lbc

  1. Mosey to cheese grater and indian run from there back to flag
  2. Mosey to cheese grater – Indian run from cheese grater back to flag
  3. Announcements:

Thanksgiving workout at 6:30 – Football! Site tbd

Thirsty Thursday 5:30 or so at the Toad

December 2nd is Christmas Party, get money to Uncle Rico

Need a Q for Saturday

Need to plan for convergence December 2nd

Rafter needs a few more to fix house in Newberry

  1. Prayers:

Pray for bag boy’s coworker Stephanie and for an employee that had a stroke

Praise for Elvis’ wife’s last chemo Monday

Pray for Stirrups as we enter the Holiday Season, the first without his wife

  1. Devo

Sparky had some great advice for your kids the other day…praise more than you criticize. Well, here is volume 2 of parenting for the week:

Last night my wife was busy so I had to make sure everyone showered, was ready for the morning, etc. This is not what I am best at (to say the least!), and I failed miserably. My younger daughter was taking forever and refused to get out of the shower. I lost my temper and yelled and got very mad. Of course, I felt terrible after this so I began to look online for “how to keep patience with your kids” etc. One good piece of advice I saw was to remember that your kids are kids; they are not adults and they will not and cannot see things the way you do. So we need to put ourselves in their shoes and recognize that.

I also came across what I thought was a great quote. When we get frustrated with our kids it is often because we are frustrated with the things about our kids that we see in and don’t like about ourselves. We then get mad at ourselves for not handling things better and for having conflict with our kids. So I found a quote that I think we should all strive to achieve, from Buddha:

“It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you.”

I have a bad temper and am very impatient and these are things I need to work on “conquering.” This would lead to better relationships with my kids and everyone else. Rather than battling other people, I need to battle my own worse instincts and behaviors. A lot of us are probably in the same situation.