• When: 2017-07-25
  • QIC: Smithers
  • The PAX: Knott, Hokie Pokie, Uncle Rico, Skunky, MIB, Hodor, Jazz Hands, No Go, Slate, TJ Dennis (FNG), Lap Dog, Bumblebee.

JC PT Test Comes to GOAT

13 Pax including one FNG entered the gloom for yet another series of YHCs flash card roulette of pain. This time Jaz Hands did us the honor of making the selection. Skeptical of YHCs of intentions, Jazz Hands reluctantly pointed at a card awaiting explanation and further description of the workout.

Conditions: 74 deg and sticky

The Thang:

  • Disclaimer and a bunch of moaning n’ groaning once the Pax heard what the workout was
  • mosey to field
  • JC PT Test – time standard is 32 min.
    • 100 burpees
    • 1 mile run (optional 1/2 mile ruck)
    • 50 burpees
    • 1 mile run (optional 1/2 mile ruck)
  • COT
  • Count O Rama
  • Name O Ramo
    • FNG->TJ Dennis->New Heights Church->friend of Slate->3 kids->worked for a fishing company->tacklebox->Army Veteran->backlash->chum->tuna->Starkist (chicken of the sea!)
  • Announcements
    • Thurs Bible study @F3Billy 0500
    • Noxgear raffle still live
    • F3 Lake Murray golf tournament this weekend?
    • F3 Lake Murray Christmas Party- Dec 2