• When: 11/25/2014
  • QIC: Donatello
  • The PAX: Chinstrap, Mule, Liberace, Misty, Rooney, Tri Delta, Julep

Homage to Cadre Geoff and SEAL Team 10

Conditions: Mid 50’s and wet



The Thing

Words fall short of describing the experience and sense of accomplishment after completing the GORUCK challenge. Stronger friendships were forged and new personal baselines were set. It was awesome. The fact remains however, the GORUCK challenge was a beat down – one from which YHC has not fully recovered. YHC had no desire to do any exercises associated with the GORUCK today. Furthermore, YHC had no desire to be cold, wet, or dirty – which poses a challenge given the amount of rainfall of the past two days. Don’t judge me.

YHC has also spent a considerable amount of time reflecting on how strait up bad azz real Special Forces guys really are, as evident by the madness that was Cadre Geoff. YHC put his research skills to use and determined that Cadre Geoff was actually a member of SEAL Team 10 – the same team as Marcus Luttrell and wait for it – Michael P. Murphy.

The more YHC thought about it, there were really two things YHC missed most while training for the GORUCK – running free of bricks and pull-ups.

Do you see where this is going? If YHC could only do one workout the rest of his life – it would be Murph. Given YHC’s withdrawals from running and pull-ups and the need to pay homage to SEAL team 10 and Cadre Geoff – a mini Murph seemed to be in order.

Mosey to corner of the track

SSH – 20 IC -> mosey to next corner of the track

TTT – 20 IC -> mosey to next corner of the track

LBAC – 10 IC each way -> mosey to next corner of the track

Merkins – 15 IC -> mosey to next corner of the track

Imperial Walkers- 20 IC -> mosey to next corner of the track

Fornicating Monkeys* – 10 IC -> mosey to next corner of the track

*YHC did bring this exercise in from the GORUCK welcome party. Despite being a man of fine and upstanding moral character, YHC chuckles when he thinks about how the exercise was introduced by Cadre Geoff. Mule first introduced these a few weeks ago at the snakepit but called them monkey humpers. Fornicating monkeys or monkey humpers – you get the point.


800 Meter run

50 Pull-ups

100 Push-ups

150 Squats

800 Meter run

Moleskin: The workout was just what YHC needed to work out some kinks. Good, solid work that didn’t require the PAX to hit the cold, wet, muddy ground – all while paying homage to SEAL Team 10 and Cadre Geoff. I didn’t care for him at the time, but he did push us and we are better for it. As is said on his shirt “Loved or Hated, but Never Ignored.”


Announcements / Prayer Requests

F3 Christmas Party (Dec 19 at 6:00)

GORUN at WK (Feb 2) http://www.thegorun.org


Prayer – Donatello

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