• When: 2019-01-17
  • QIC: Slate
  • The PAX: Hokie Pokie, Lap Dog, Uncle Rico, Smithers, Skunky, Tuber, Slate

Hit the hoops

With basketball season underway and USC undefeated in the SEC it seemed like a good time to hit the blacktop (ok, concrete at Chapin Middle School). 7 pax decided to join in the fun.

Conditions: brisk in the low 30s

The thang

IWx20 IC while waiting for Tuber to park

Mosey to the basketball court
Count-off to form into two teams

The objective: be the first team to score all of the required shots
Team of 4 – 5 layups, 3 free throws, 1 3-pointer
Team of 3 – 3 layups, 2 free throws, 1 3-pointer

In order to earn a shot, pax must rotate through the following exercises. Each completed set earns a shot.

  • Merkins x 20
  • Squats x 20
  • Big boy sit ups x 20
  • One lap around the Middle School

Congratulations to the 4 man team who hit the 3 pointer right before the 3 man team completed their set.

Next game is knockout from the free throw line with one burpee before the starting shot. Once out, wall-sit on the fence.

Move to the lunch tables:
30 dips
30 incline merkins

Indian run around the middle school and working back to the shovel flag while handing off the two basketballs.

LBC x 20 IC
V-ups x 20 OYO
Boat Canoe