• When: 09/23/14
  • QIC: Magoo
  • The PAX: Queenie, EZ, Neckbrace, Scotchguard, Swampy, Multiply, Pony, Diesel, Major Pain, Plan B, Eh!, Gerrymander, Crash, Moonshine, FNG - Twice Baked

Guests arrive for extra helping of the PT Test

16 pax did not let the wet conditions or the prospect of the monthly PT test keep them away from their regularly scheduled Foxhole workout.  A few traveling guests even doubled down with their second PT test in a week including a Major (Pain) and 3 Privates (EZ, Crash, and Neckbrace).

Conditions: low 60’s and misting rain

The Thang:

Warmup: 20 SSH, 20 IWs, 20 Little Arm Circles 10F and 10 R, 20 Squats (all 4ct. IC)

Partner up for PT Test: 2 minutes of Merkins 2 minutes of Big Boy Sit-ups. Results of the PT test can be found here.  Just for fun YHC called out 20 extra Merkins, 20 BBS, and 5 Burpees OYO.

Mosey to concrete planters near baseball entrance and track.  Tabata (20 sec work AMRAP, 10 sec rest) Step ups – 2 min, Incline Merkins – 1 min, Decline Merkins – 1 min.

Mosey up to band practice lot for Tabata Sprints.  30 sec to sprint 60 yds then rinse and repeat I think 6 times. Most pax took 20 sec or less to run 60 yds, rest remaining time of 30 sec and repeat on YHC call.

Mosey to tires.  4 to 6 pax per tire depending on size. Tire carry 40 yds.  2 minutes of AMRAP sit-down on the tire squats.  Tire carry 40 yds back.

At front of football stadium, Bear Crawl approx 50 yards, then Lunge walk 50 yds. Mosey back to shovel flag.

Moleskin:  Good work pushing yourselves on PT test.  Look again for it next month as a way to test how we are improving. #getbetter

Welcome FNG Twice Baked.  Born in Idaho > Spud > Spud Max > Twice Baked

– Mud Run coming up in just 2 weeks. If you are not running in the Mud Run, then Neckbrace could use your help with the Beverages (setting up/handing out, not drinking). Each Team needs to bring one case of their beverage of choice and drop it off at the next 3 workouts. Water, Beer, Gatorade, Capri Suns, whatever.  Additional volunteers still needed for photography, contact Crash or F3 Lake Murray.
– Remember you will need to sign the Hold Harmless agreement before you work out. See the Q before the workout to sign the sheet or use the phone app.
– Palmetto 200 is still available to for sign-ups. Mungo is the Q. HC at F3 Nation pre-blast.
– Governor’s Cup is still available for sign-ups. Magoo is the Q. HC at F3 Nation pre-blast.
– Go Ruck coming up in November. Watch Twitter for Go Ruck workouts.

– Swagger (run group) meets on M/W at old Blockbuster on St. Andrews Rd and on Friday at     Dunkin Donuts on Lake Murray Blvd.
– FiA (Females in Action) just started a workout at Depot on Saturdays at 8:00. They are a sister group to F3. EH your M’s and their friends. #healthycouples

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