• When: 2018-06-21
  • QIC: Skunky
  • The PAX: Slate, Uncle Rico, MIB, Smithers, A1A and Skunky

Great Snorkel Weather

6 pax took the DRP and toughed it out on the field with some 4 (or 5 technically) corners.

Weather was a terrible 75 and something like 109 or 90% humidity.

The Thang:

Warm Up:

  • SSH x20 IC
  • Mountain Climbers x20 IC
  • Little Arm Circles fwd x20 IC
  • Little Arm Circles bwd x20 IC

Work Out:

  • Grabbed our favorite blocks and head to the soccer field.
  • Starting at the music corner, Start with 10 curls then Cusak to far corner and do another 10 curls, Cusak to next corner and continue this rhythm back to the starting point where the 5th set was done. Short recovery.
  • Next was the same thing but doing 10 Overhead Presses. Short recovery.
  • Then cut the field into a 1/4 size and do the same with 10 Merkins at each 5 stops but bear crawling to each corner. This began to suck in a bad way.
  • Using the same 1/4 field, do 10 side lunges (10 per side) and then lunge walk to each corner. Short recovery.
  • 50 LBC’s at each corner on the 1/4 field with the return of the Cusak to connect the dots. Short recovery.
  • Finish off with 10 Big Boy’s while Cusaking around the field.

Return blocks. Note, no blocks were harmed by A1A during this workout.

BOM, We took a moment to remember our fallen brother, Cheech on this day. Be thankful and leave no doubt.